Translation of link in French:


Pronunciation: /lɪŋk/



  • 1 [road, cable] relier [places, objects] to link A to B or A and B relier A à B to link arms [people] se donner le bras
  • 2to link sth to or with lier qch à [inflation] établir un lien entre qch et [fact, crime, illness]
  • 4 (in TV, radio) établir une liaison entre [places] (by par)

pp adj (linked)

  • [circles, symbols] entrelacé/-e; [issues, problems] lié/-e

Phrasal verbs

link up

link up [firms] s'associer to link up with s'associer avec [college, firm]
link [sth] up relier

Definition of link in:

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