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British English: /məʊst/
American English: /moʊst/
When used to form the superlative of adjectives most is translated by le plus or la plus depending on the gender of the noun and by les plus with plural noun: the most beautiful woman in the room = la plus belle femme de la pièce; the most expensive hotel in Paris = l'hôtel le plus cher de Paris; the most difficult problems = les problèmes les plus difficiles. For examples and further uses see the entry below.

Translation of most in French:


  • 1 (the majority of, nearly all)
    la plupart de
    most people/computers
    la plupart des gens/des ordinateurs
  • 2 (superlative: more than all the others)
    le plus de
    she got the most votes/money
    c'est elle qui a obtenu le plus de voix/d'argent
    we had (the) most success/problems in China
    c'est en Chine qu'on a eu le plus de succès/de problèmes
    those with (the) most intelligence
    ceux qui sont les plus intelligents


  • 1
    (the greatest number) la plupart (of de)
    (the largest part) la plus grande partie (of de)
    most of the time most of the people/of the computers
    la plupart des gens/des ordinateurs
    most of you/us
    la plupart d'entre vous/nous
    most of the bread/wine
    presque tout le pain/vin
    most agreed
    la plupart étaient d'accord
    most were blue
    la plupart étaient bleus
    most of the money
    la plus grande partie de l'argent
    for most of the day/evening
    pendant la plus grande partie de la journée/soirée
  • 2 (the maximum) the most you can expect is…
    tout ce que tu peux espérer c'est…
    the most I can do is…
    tout ce que je peux faire, c'est…, le mieux que je puisse faire, c'est…
    what's the most we'll have to pay?
  • 3 (more than all the others) John has got the most
    c'est John qui en a le plus


  • 1 (used to form superlative) the most beautiful château in France
    le plus beau château de France
    most easily
    le plus facilement
    the most beautifully written poetry
    de très beaux poèmes
    most interestingly (of all), he…
    le plus intéressant c'est qu'il…
  • 2 (very) most encouraging/amusing/odd
    très or extrêmement encourageant/amusant/bizarre
    most probably
    très vraisemblablement
  • 3 (more than all the rest) what most annoyed him ou what annoyed him most (of all) was
    ce qui l'ennuyait le plus c'était que
    those who will benefit/suffer most from…
    ceux qui profiteront/souffriront le plus de…
  • 4 (American English) [informal] (almost) most everyone
    presque tout le monde

also: at (the) most adverb phrase

also: for the most part adverb phrase

also: most of all adverb phrase

  • par-dessus tout


to make the most of

tirer le meilleur parti de (situation, resources, looks, rest, abilities, space)
profiter de (holiday, opportunity, good weather)
Definition of most in:
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