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British English: /nɪə/
American English: /ˈnɪr/

Translation of near in French:


  • 1 (nearby) to live/work quite near
    habiter/travailler tout près
    to move ou draw near
    approcher (to de)
    to move ou draw nearer
    s'approcher davantage (to de)
    to bring something nearer
    approcher quelque chose
  • 2 (close in time) the exams are drawing near
    les examens approchent
    the time is near when… how near are they in age?
    combien ont-ils de différence d'âge?
  • 3 (nearly) as near perfect as it could be
    aussi proche de la perfection que possible
    nowhere near finished/ready
    loin d'être fini/prêt
    he's not anywhere near as bright as her
    il est loin d'être aussi intelligent qu'elle

also: near enough adverb phrase

  • 1 (approximately)
    à peu près
    there were 20 yachts near enough
    il y avait à peu près 20 yachts
  • 2 (sufficiently close) that's near enough (not any closer)
    tu es assez près
    (acceptable as quantity) ça ira
    to be near enough/come near enough to do
    être assez près/s'approcher suffisamment pour faire


  • 1 (in space)
    près de (place, person, object)
    near here/there
    près d'ici/de là
    don't go near the fire
    ne t'approche pas trop du feu
    don't come near me
    ne t'approche pas de moi
  • 2 (in time) nearer the time
    quand la date approchera
    it's getting near Christmas
    Noël approche
    on or near the 12th
    autour du 12
    their anniversary is near ours
    leur anniversaire de mariage est à quelques jours du nôtre
    nearer 40 than 30
    plus proche or plus près de 40 ans que de 30
  • 3 (in degree) nearer the truth
    plus proche de la vérité
    nearer this colour than that
    plus proche de cette couleur-ci que de celle-là
    nearer what I'm looking for
    plus proche de ce que je cherche
    near the beginning/end of the article
    presque au début/à la fin de l'article
    near the climax of the play
    à l'approche du point culminant de la pièce
    I'm no nearer (finding) a solution than I was yesterday
    je n'ai pas plus de solution que je n'en avais hier
    he's no nearer (making) a decision
    il n'est pas plus décidé
    she's nowhere near finishing
    elle est loin d'avoir fini
    £400? it cost nearer £600
    400 livres? je dirais plutôt 600
    nobody comes anywhere near her [figurative]
    personne ne lui arrive à la cheville

also: near to preposition phrase

  • 1 (in space)
    près de (place, person, object)
    near to where
    près de l'endroit où
    nearer to
    plus près de
    how near are we to Dijon?
    à quelle distance sommes-nous de Dijon?
  • 3 (in degree) to come nearest to
    s'approcher le plus de (ideal, conception)
    to come near to doing
    faillir faire
    he came near to giving up
    il a failli abandonner


  • 1 (close in distance, time) the nearest tree
    l'arbre le plus proche
    our nearest neighbours
    nos voisins les plus proches
    in the near future
    dans un avenir proche
  • 2 (in degree) in the near darkness he's the nearest thing to an accountant we've got
    c'est lui qui a le plus de connaissances en comptabilité parmi nos employés
    it's the nearest thing (to article, colour required)
    c'est ça le plus approchant
    to calculate something to the near whole number (Mathematics)
    arrondir un résultat
  • 3 (short) the nearest route
    le chemin le plus court
  • also: near+
    (dans composés) a near-catastrophic blunder
    une gaffe presque catastrophique
    a near-perfect exam paper
    un examen presque parfait or proche de la perfection

transitive verb

  • 1 (draw close to)
    approcher de (place)
    as we neared the city/the harbour
    comme nous approchions de la ville/du port
  • 2 [figurative]
    approcher de (peak, record high)
    to near the end of
    approcher de la fin de (season, term)
    to near the end of one's life [literal] [figurative]
    approcher de sa fin
    to near completion
    (project, book)
    toucher à sa fin
    to near retirement
    partir bientôt à la retraite
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