Translation of pack in French:


Pronunciation: /pæk/


  • 3 (in rugby) pack (m)
  • 4 (of cards) jeu (m) de cartes


  • 1 (in suitcase) mettre [qch] dans une valise [clothes]; (in box, crate) emballer [ornaments, books]
  • 2 emballer [box, crate] to pack one's suitcase faire sa valise
  • 3 [crowd] remplir complètement [church, theatre]


  • 2to pack into [crowd] s'entasser dans [place]

Phrasal verbs

pack up

pack up [person] faire ses valises 1.1 [fam] (break down) [TV, machine] se détraquer [fam]; [car] tomber en panne
pack [sth] uppack up [sth] (in boxes, crates) emballer

Definition of pack in:

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