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British English: /pak/
American English: /pæk/

Translation of pack in French:


  • 4 (Games) (of cards)
    jeu (m) de cartes
  • also: -pack
    (dans composés) a two/four-pack (of cassettes)
    un lot de deux/quatre
    (of beer) un pack de deux/quatre

transitive verb

  • 1 (stow) (in suitcase)
    mettre [quelque chose] dans une valise (clothes)
    (in box, crate) emballer (ornaments, books)
  • 2 (put things into)
    emballer (box, crate)
    to pack one's suitcase
    faire sa valise
    to pack one's bags [literal] [figurative]
    faire ses valises
    to pack something with
    remplir quelque chose de
  • 4 (cram into)
    (people, crowd)
    remplir complètement (church, theatre, stadium)
    boucher (corner, hole, gap) (with avec)
    to be packed with
    être bondé de (people)
    être plein de (ideas, sweets)
    to pack something into a hole
    bourrer ou boucher un trou avec quelque chose
  • 5 (press firmly)
    tasser (snow, earth)
  • 6 [informal] (carry)
    avoir (pistol, gun)
  • 7 (Politics) (influence composition of)
    s'assurer (jury)
    rendre [quelque chose] favorable à ses vues (conference, meeting, committee)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (get ready for departure)
    faire ses valises
  • 2 (crowd)to pack into
    s'entasser dans (hall, theatre, church, stadium)


a pack of lies

to send somebody packing

envoyer promener quelqu'un

Phrasal verbs

pack away

pack [something] away, pack away [something]
ranger (clothes, books)

pack in

1 pack in [informal] (break down)
se détraquer [informal]
(heart, liver)
craquer [informal]
2 pack [something] in, pack in [something] 2.1 (cram in)
entasser (people)
that play is really packing them in
cette pièce attire vraiment les foules
2.2 [informal] (give up)
plaquer [informal] (job, boyfriend)
to pack it all in
tout plaquer [informal]
I've packed in smoking
j'ai arrêté de fumer
pack it in!
arrête!, ça suffit!

pack off

pack [somebody] off, pack off [somebody] to pack somebody off to
expédier quelqu'un à (school, bed)
expédier quelqu'un en (country)

pack up

1 pack up 1.1 (prepare to go)
faire ses valises
to pack up and leave
faire ses valises
1.2 [informal] (break down)
(TV, machine)
se détraquer [informal]
(heart, liver)
tâcher [informal]
ne pas tenir le coup [informal]
1.3 [informal] (stop)
2 pack [something] up, pack up [something] 2.1 (put away)
ranger (books, clothes)
(in boxes, crates) emballer (books, objects)
2.2 [informal] (stop)to pack up doing
Definition of pack in:
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