Translation of pay in French:


Pronunciation: /peɪ/

vt (prét, pp paid)

  • 1 payer (for pour) to pay cash payer comptant to pay sth into verser qch sur [account] all expenses paid tous frais payés
  • 3 (give) to pay attention to faire attention à to pay a tribute to sb rendre hommage à qn to pay sb a compliment faire des compliments à qn to pay sb a visit rendre visite à qn

vi (prét, pp paid)

  • 1 [person] payer to pay for sth payer qch you have to pay to get in l'entrée est payante to pay one's own way payer sa part the work doesn't pay very well le travail est mal payé
  • 2 [business] rapporter; [activity] payer to pay for itself [business, purchase] s'amortir

Phrasal verbs

pay back

rembourser [person, money]

pay in

(BrE) déposer [cheque, sum]

pay off

pay off être payant/-e
pay [sb] off (dismiss) congédier [worker] 1.1 (bribe) acheter le silence de [person]
pay [sth] off rembourser [debt]

pay up

pay up payer

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