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British English: /peɪ/
American English: /peɪ/

Translation of pay in French:


  • (to manual worker) paie (f)
    salaire (m)
    (to soldier) solde (f)
    (to domestic) gages (mpl) [dated]
    salaire (m)
    traitement (m)
    extra pay
    prime (f) de salaire
    to be in the pay of somebody [pejorative]
    être à la solde de quelqu'un
    rate of pay (Administration)
    taux de rémunération
    holidays (British English) ou vacation (American English) with/without pay
    congés payés/sans solde
    pay and allowances
    rémunération principale et indemnités
    what's the pay like?
    est-ce que c'est bien payé?
    the pay is good
    c'est bien payé
    before n (agreement, claim, negotiations, deal)
    (rise, cut)
    de salaire
    (freeze, structure, policy)
    des salaires

transitive verb prét, pp paid

  • 1 (for goods, services)
    payer (tradesman, creditor) (for pour) (to do pour faire)
    payer, régler (bill, debt, fees)
    payer (price, sum etc) (for pour)
    verser (down payment) (on sur)
    to pay cash
    payer comptant
    to pay £100 on account
    verser un acompte de 100 livres
    she paid him £300 to repair the roof
    elle l'a payé 300 livres pour réparer le toit
    to pay something into
    verser quelque chose sur (account)
    verser quelque chose à (charity)
    to pay somebody for his trouble
    payer quelqu'un de sa peine
  • 2 (for regular work)
    payer (employee)
    to pay high/low wages
    payer bien/mal
    to be paid weekly/monthly
    être payé à la semaine/au mois
    all expenses paid
  • 3 (Finance) (accrue)
    (account, bond)
    rapporter (interest)
    to pay dividends [figurative]
    finir par rapporter
  • 4 (give) to pay attention/heed to
    faire/prêter attention à
    to pay a tribute to somebody
    rendre hommage à quelqu'un
    to pay somebody a compliment
    faire des compliments à quelqu'un
    to pay somebody a visit
    rendre visite à quelqu'un
  • 5 (benefit) it would pay him/her etc to do [figurative]
    il/elle etc y gagnerait à faire
    it would pay you to find out
    tu y gagnerais à te renseigner
    it pays to be honest
    cela paie toujours d'être honnête
    it doesn't pay to do
  • 6 (Nautical)
    prét, pp paid ou payed
    laisser dériver (vessel)

intransitive verb prét, pp paid

  • 1 (hand over money) she/the insurance will pay
    elle/l'assurance paiera
    to pay for something
    payer quelque chose (also figurative)
    to pay dearly for something [figurative]
    payer chèrement quelque chose
    I'll make you pay for this! [figurative]
    tu me le paieras!
    I'll pay for you (in cinema etc)
    je vais payer pour toi
    they're paying for him to go to college/to Spain
    ils lui paient ses études/son voyage en Espagne
    ‘pay on entry’
    ‘paiement à l'entrée’
    you have to pay to get in ‘pay and display’ (in carpark)
    ‘payez et laissez le ticket en évidence’
    pay on demand (on cheque)
    payer à vue
  • 2 (settle) to pay in cash/by cheque/in instalments
    payer en espèces/par chèque/à tempérament
    to pay one's own way
  • 3 (reward employee) the work doesn't pay very well
    le travail est mal payé
  • 4 (bring gain)
    (activity, quality)
    to pay handsomely
    rapporter gros
    crime/dishonesty doesn't pay
    le crime/la malhonnêteté ne paie pas
    to pay for itself
    (business, purchase)
    to make something pay
    rentabiliser quelque chose


there'll be hell [informal] ou the devil to pay

ça va barder [informal]

to pay a visit

[informal] [euphemistic]

Phrasal verbs

pay back

1 pay [somebody] back (reimburse)
rembourser (person)
I'll pay him back for the trick he played on me
je lui revaudrai le tour qu'il m'a joué
he'll pay you back with interest [figurative]
il te le rendra au centuple
2 pay [something] back, pay back [something]
rembourser (money)

pay down

pay [something] down I'd like to pay £100 down
je voudrais verser un acompte de 100 livres

pay in

(British English)
pay [something] in, pay in [something]
déposer (cheque, sum)

pay off

1 pay off [figurative]
être payant
his hard work finally paid off
tout le travail qu'il a fourni a finalement été payant
2 pay [somebody] off, pay off [somebody] 2.1 (dismiss from work) (gen)
congédier (worker)
débarquer (seaman)
2.2 [informal] (buy silence)
acheter le silence de (possible informer)
3 pay off [something], pay [something] off
rembourser (mortgage, debt)

pay out

pay out [something] 1.1 (hand over)
débourser (sum)
dépenser (sum) (in pour)
we've paid out a lot in publicity
on a beaucoup dépensé pour la publicité
he paid out £300 for his new washing machine
il a payé 300 livres sa nouvelle machine à laver
1.2 (release)
laisser filer (rope)

pay up

1 pay up pay up!
2 pay up [something]
payer (amount)
pay up the money you owe me!
paie-moi l'argent que tu me dois!
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