Translation of piece in French:


Pronunciation: /piːs/


  • 1 [gen], morceau (m); (of string, ribbon) bout (m) a piece of furniture un meuble a piece of luggage une valise a piece of advice un conseil a piece of information un renseignement a piece of luck un coup de chance £20 a piece 20 livres sterling pièce to fall to pieces [object] tomber en morceaux [argument] s'effondrer to go to pieces (from shock) s'effondrer (emotionally) craquer [fam] (in interview) paniquer complètement
  • 2 (of jigsaw, machine, model) pièce (f) to take sth to pieces démonter qch
  • 4 (coin) a 50p piece une pièce de 50 pence


to give sb a piece of one's mind

dire ses quatre vérités à qn

Phrasal verbs

piece together

piece [sth] togetherpiece together [sth] reconstituer [vase, letter]; assembler [puzzle]; reconstituer [facts]

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