Translation of push in French:


Pronunciation: /pʊʃ/



  • 1 pousser [person, car, pram]; appuyer sur [button, switch] to push sb/sth away repousser qn/qch she pushed him down the stairs elle l'a poussé dans l'escalier to push sb aside écarter qn to push sb too far pousser qn à bout



at a push

(BrE) s'il le faut

to push one's luck

aller un peu trop loin

Phrasal verbs

push around

(bully) bousculer [person]

push for

faire pression en faveur de [reform]

push in

push in resquiller
push [sth] in enfoncer [button, door, window]

push over

push over! [fam] pousse-toi!
push [sb/sth] over renverser [person, table, car]

push through

faire voter [bill, legislation]; faire passer [deal]

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