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Translation of record in French:


British English: /ˈrɛkɔːd/
American English: /ˈrɛkərd/
  • 1 (written account)
    (of events) compte rendu (m)
    (of official proceedings) procès-verbal (m)
    to keep a record of
    noter (order, calls)
    I have no record of your application
    je n'ai aucune trace de votre demande
    the hottest summer on record
    l'été le plus chaud qu'on ait jamais enregistré
    to be on record as saying that …
    avoir déclaré officiellement que …
    to say something off the record
    dire quelque chose en privé
    off the record, I think it's a bad idea
    entre nous, je crois que c'est une mauvaise idée
    just for the record, did you really do it?
    entre nous, tu l'as vraiment fait?
    I'd like to set the record straight
    je voudrais mettre les choses au clair
  • 2 (data)
    also: records
    (personal, administrative) dossier (m)
    records of births/deaths
    registre (m) des naissances/décès
    public records
    archives (fpl) publiques
    somebody's medical records
    le dossier médical de quelqu'un
    official records
    dossiers officiels
  • 3 (history) (of individual)
    (of organization, group) réputation (f)
    to have a good record on
    avoir une bonne réputation en ce qui concerne (human rights, recycling, safety)
    she has a distinguished record as a diplomat
    son passé en tant que diplomate est remarquable
  • 4 (Audio)
    disque (m) (by, of de)
    pop/jazz record
    disque de pop/jazz
    to make/to cut a record
    faire/graver un disque
    to put on/to play a record
    mettre/passer un disque
    change the record [informal]!
    change de disque! [informal]
    before n (collection, company, label, producer, sales, shop)
    de disques
    du disque
  • 5 (best performance)
    record (m) (for, in de)
    the sprint record
    le record du sprint
    to set/to hold a record
    établir/détenir un record
    before n (result, sales, score, speed, time)
    record (inv, after n)
    to do something in record time
    faire quelque chose en un temps record
    to be at a record high/low
    être à son niveau le plus haut/bas

transitive verb

British English: /rɪˈkɔːd/
American English: /rəˈkɔrd/
  • 1 (note)
    noter (detail, idea, opinion)
    prendre acte de (transaction)
    to record that …
    noter que …
    to record the way in which
    prendre note de la façon dont
  • 2 (on disc, tape)
    enregistrer (album, interview, song) (on sur)
    to record somebody doing
    enregistrer quelqu'un en train de faire
  • 3 (register)
    enregistrer (temperature, rainfall)
    (dial, gauge)
    indiquer (pressure, speed)
  • 4 (provide an account of)
    (diary, report)
    rapporter (event, conditions)
    to record that …
    rapporter que …

intransitive verb

British English: /rɪˈkɔːd/
American English: /rəˈkɔrd/
  • (video, tape recorder)
    he is recording in Paris
    il enregistre un disque à Paris
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