Translation of roll in French:


Pronunciation: /rəʊl/


  • 2 (bread) petit pain (m) cheese roll sandwich (m) au fromage
  • 4 (register) liste (f) to call the roll faire l'appel


  • 1 [gen], rouler; faire rouler [dice] to roll [sth] into a ball faire une boulette de [paper] faire une boule de [clay, dough]


  • 1 [person, animal] rouler (onto sur); [car, plane] faire un tonneau; [ship] tanguer

Phrasal verbs

roll about

(BrE) roll around
[animal, person] se rouler; [marbles, tins] rouler

roll down

baisser [blind, sleeve]

roll over

se retourner

roll up

enrouler [rug, poster] to roll up one's sleeves retrousser ses manches

Definition of roll in:

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