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British English: /raʊnd/
American English: /raʊnd/
Round often appears after verbs in English ( change round, gather round, pass round). For translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( change round gather round pass around). For go round, get round see the entries go round get round.

Translation of round in French:


  • 1 (British English) (on all sides) all round [literal] whisky all round!
    du whisky pour tout le monde!
    there were smiles all round
    tout le monde souriait
    to go all the way round
    (fence, wall, moat)
    faire tout le tour
  • 2 (British English) (in circular movement) to go round and round
    (wheel, carousel)
    tourner (en rond)
    (person) [figurative]
    tourner en rond
    aller et venir
    the tune was going round and round in my head
    j'avais cet air dans la tête
  • 3 (British English) (to specific place, home) to be ou go round to
    passer à (office, school)
    to ask somebody (to come) round
    dire à quelqu'un de passer
    she's coming round today
    elle passe aujourd'hui
    to invite somebody round for lunch
    inviter quelqu'un à déjeuner (chez soi)
    I'm just going round to Sandra's
    je pars chez Sandra
    I'll be round in a minute
  • 4 (British English) (in circumference) three metres round
    (tree trunk)
    de trois mètres de circonférence
  • 5 (British English) (as part of cycle) all year round
    toute l'année
    this time round as summer comes round
    à l'approche de l'été
    my birthday will soon be round again
    c'est bientôt mon anniversaire


(British English)
  • 1 (expressing location)
    autour de (table, garden etc)
    let's sit round the table
    asseyons-nous autour de la table
    to sit round the fire
    s'asseoir au coin du feu
    the wall goes right round the house
    le mur fait le tour de la maison
    he had a scarf round his neck
    il avait une écharpe autour du cou
    what do you measure round the waist?
    combien fais-tu de tour de taille?
  • 2 (expressing direction) to go round the corner
    tourner au coin de la rue
    to go round a bend (in road)
    prendre un virage
    the baker's is just round the corner
    la boulangerie est tout près
    to go round a roundabout
    prendre un rond-point
    to go round an obstacle
    contourner un obstacle
  • 3 (on tour, visit) shall I take you round the house?
    voulez-vous visiter la maison?
    her sister took us round Oxford
    sa sœur nous a fait visiter Oxford
    to go round the shops

also: round about adverb phrase

  • 1 (approximately)
    à peu près, environ
    round about 50 people/9 am
    à peu près or environ 50 personnes/9 h
    it happened round about here
    ça s'est passé par ici
  • 2 (vicinity) the people/streets round about
    les gens/rues des environs


  • 1 (set, series)
    série (f) (of de)
    the social round
    les réceptions (fpl) mondaines
    the daily round of activities
    le train-train quotidien
    payround wage round
  • 4 (Riding) (in event) a clear round
    un parcours sans faute
  • 6 (of drinks) it's my round!
    c'est ma tournée!
    to pay for a round
    offrir une tournée
  • 8 (Military) (shot fired) rounds of machine-gun fire
    des salves de mitraillette
  • 9 (burst) round of applause to get a round of applause
    être applaudi
    let's have a round of applause for David!
    on applaudit bien fort David!
  • 10 (Culinary) (of bread) a round of toast
    un toast, une tranche de pain grillé
    a round of ham sandwiches
    des sandwichs (mpl) pain de mie au jambon
  • 14 (Theatre)theatre in the round
    théâtre (m) en rond
  • 15 (Art)in the round
    en ronde-bosse

also: rounds plural noun

  • to do one's rounds
    visiter ses malades
    (postman, refuse collector)
    faire sa tournée
    (security guard)
    faire sa ronde
    to be out on one's rounds
    être en visite
    to do ou go ou make the rounds
    (rumour, joke, document, flu)
    to go the rounds of
    faire le tour de (village, office)
    (garment, book)
    faire le tour de (relations, family)
    to do the rounds of
    faire le tour de (employment agencies, relations)


  • 1 (circular)
    (object, building, glasses, face, head)
    her eyes grew round
    elle a ouvert des yeux ronds
  • 2 (rounded, curved)
    (cheeks, breasts)
    to have round shoulders
    avoir le dos voûté
  • 4 (complete)
    in round figures
    en chiffres ronds
    in round figures, that's £100
    ça fait 100 livres sterling en arrondissant
    a round dozen
    une douzaine exactement
    a nice round sum
    une somme appréciable or rondelette [informal]
  • also: round+
    (dans composés) round-cheeked/-eyed
    aux joues rondes/aux yeux ronds
    au visage rond

transitive verb

  • 1 (gen) (Nautical) (go round)
    contourner (point, headland)
    to round the corner
    tourner au coin
    to round a bend
    prendre un virage

Phrasal verbs

round down

round [something] down, round down [something]
arrondir [quelque chose] au chiffre inférieur (figures)

round off

round off [something], round [something] off 1.1 (finish off)
finir (meal, evening, visit, season) (with par)
conclure (speech)
parfaire (education, process)
1.2 (make smooth)
arrondir (corner, edge)
1.3 (change)
arrondir (figure, number)

round on

(British English)
round on [somebody]
attaquer violemment (critic, opponent)
suddenly she rounded on me
tout d'un coup elle m'est tombée dessus [informal]

round out

round [something] out, round out [something]
compléter (list, numbers, range)

round up

1 round up [somebody], round [somebody] up
regrouper (protesters, inhabitants)
ramasser [informal] (thieves, prostitutes, suspects)
to be rounded up
être pris dans une rafle
2 round up [something], round [something] up 2.1
rassembler (livestock)
arrondir [quelque chose] au chiffre supérieur (figure)
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