Translation of send in French:


Pronunciation: /send/

vt (prét, pp sent)

  • 1 envoyer to send sth to sb, to send sb sth envoyer qch à qn to send sb home (from school, work) renvoyer qn chez lui/elle to send sb to prison mettre qn en prison send her my love! embrasse-la de ma part send them my regards transmettez-leur mes amitiés
  • 2to send shivers down sb's spine donner froid dans le dos à qn to send sb to sleep endormir qn it sent him into fits of laughter ça l'a fait éclater de rire


to send sb packing

[fam], envoyer balader qn [fam]

Phrasal verbs

send away

send away for [sth] commander [qch] par correspondance
send [sb/sth] away faire partir
to send an appliance away to be mended envoyer un appareil chez le fabricant pour le faire réparer

send for

appeler [doctor, plumber]; demander [reinforcements]

send in

envoyer [letter, form, troops]; faire entrer [visitor] to send in one's application poser sa candidature

send off

send off for [sth] commander [qch] par correspondance
send [sth] off envoyer, expédier [letter]
send [sb] off [Sport] expulser

send on

expédier [qch] à l'avance [baggage]; faire suivre [letter, parcel]

send out

émettre [light, heat] 1.1 faire sortir [pupil]

send up

(BrE) [fam], (parody) parodier

Definition of send in:

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