Translation of serve in French:


Pronunciation: /sɜːv/



  • 1 servir [country, cause, public]; travailler au service de [employer, family]
  • 2 servir [customer, guest, meal, dish] to serve sb with sth servir qch à qn
  • 3 (provide facility) [power station, reservoir] alimenter; [public transport, library, hospital] desservir
  • 5to serve a purpose être utile to serve the or sb's purpose faire l'affaire
  • 7 [Law] délivrer [injunction] (on sb à qn) to serve a summons on sb citer qn à comparaître


  • 2to serve on être membre de [committee, jury]
  • 3to serve as sth servir de qch
  • 4 [Mil] servir (as comme sous) (under sous)
  • 5 [Sport] servir (for pour) Bruno to serve au service, Bruno


it serves you right!

ça t'apprendra!

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