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British English: /ˈsɛt(ə)l/
American English: /ˈsɛdl/

Translation of settle in French:


  • banquette (f) coffre

transitive verb

  • 1 (position comfortably)
    installer (person, animal)
    to settle a child on one's lap
    asseoir un enfant sur ses genoux
    to get one's guests settled
    installer ses invités
    to get the children settled for the night
    mettre les enfants au lit
  • 3 (resolve)
    régler (matter, business, dispute)
    aplanir (conflict, strike)
    décider (match)
    settle it among yourselves that's settled
    voilà qui est réglé
    that's one thing settled
    c'est une chose de réglée
    that settles it! I'm leaving tomorrow! (making decision)
    c'est décidé! je pars demain!
    (in exasperation) c'en est trop! je pars demain!
    to settle an argument (acting as referee)
  • 4 (agree on)
    fixer (arrangements, terms of payment)
    nothing is settled yet
    rien n'est encore fixé
  • 6 (Business) (pay)
    régler (bill, debt, claim)
  • 8 (deal with) [informal]we'll soon settle her!
    on va régler ça! or on va lui régler son compte!
  • 9 (bequeath) to settle money on somebody
    léguer une somme à quelqu'un
  • 10 (keep down) spray the path to settle the dust
    arrose le chemin pour que la poussière se tasse
  • 11 (American English) (impregnate)
    féconder (animal)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (come to rest)
    (bird, insect, wreck)
    se poser
    (dust, dregs, tea leaves)
    se déposer
    the boat settled on the bottom
    le bateau s'est posé sur le fond
    let the wine settle
    laisse le vin décanter
    to let the dust settle
    laisser retomber la poussière
    attendre que les choses se calment
    to settle over
    (mist, clouds)
    descendre sur (town, valley)
    [figurative] (silence, grief)
    s'étendre sur (community)
  • 2 (become resident) (gen)
    (more permanently) se fixer
  • 3 (become compacted)
    (contents, ground, wall)
    se tasser
  • 4 (calm down)
    (child, baby) (gen) se calmer
    (go to sleep) s'endormir
  • 5 (become stable)
    se mettre au beau fixe
  • 6 (take hold) to be settling
    his cold has settled on his chest
    son rhume s'est transformé en bronchite
  • 7 (be digested) let your lunch settle!
    attends d'avoir digéré ton déjeuner!
  • 8 (Law) (agree) to settle out of court
    parvenir à un règlement à l'amiable

reflexive verb

  • to settle oneself in
    s'installer dans (chair, bed)


to settle a score with somebody

régler ses comptes avec quelqu'un

to settle old scores

régler des comptes

Phrasal verbs

settle back

settle back
s'installer confortablement
to settle back in
se caler dans (chair)

settle down

settle down 1.1 (get comfortable)
s'installer (on sur)
(in dans)
1.2 (calm down)
se calmer
settle down, children!
du calme, les enfants!
1.3 (marry)
se ranger
to settle down to work
se concentrer sur son travail
to settle down to doing

settle for

settle for [something]
se contenter de (alternative, poorer option)
why settle for less?
pourquoi se contenter de moins?
to settle for second best
se contenter d'un pis-aller

settle in

1.1 (move in)
1.2 (become acclimatized)

settle on

settle on [something]
choisir (name, colour)

settle to

settle to [something]
se concentrer sur (work)
I can't settle to anything
je n'arrive pas à me concentrer

settle up

settle up 1.1 (pay) 1.2 (sort out who owes what)
faire les comptes
shall we settle up?
tu veux qu'on fasse les comptes?
1.3to settle up with
régler (waiter, tradesman)

Definition of settle in:

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