Translation of settle in French:


Pronunciation: /ˈsetl/


  • 4 fixer [arrangements, price]
  • 5to settle one's affairs mettre de l'ordre dans ses affaires


  • 1 [dust] se déposer; [bird, insect] se poser
  • 2 (in new home) s'installer
  • 3 [contents, ground] se tasser
  • 4 [weather] se mettre au beau fixe
  • 5 [Law] régler to settle out of court parvenir à un règlement à l'amiable

Phrasal verbs

settle down

(get comfortable) s'installer (on sur dans) (in dans) 1.1 (calm down) [person] se calmer 1.2 (marry) se ranger

settle for

settle for sth se contenter de qch

settle in

(move in) s'installer 1.1 (become acclimatized) s'adapter

settle up

(pay) payer

Definition of settle in:

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