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British English: /ʃʌt/
American English: /ʃət/

Translation of shut in French:


  • 1 (closed)
    (door, book, box, mouth)
    my eyes were shut
    j'avais les yeux fermés
    to slam the door shut
    claquer la porte (pour bien la fermer)
    to slam shut
    se refermer en claquant
    to keep one's mouth shut (informal)
    se taire
  • 2 (of business) it's shut on Fridays
    c'est fermé le vendredi

transitive verb p prés -tt- prét, pp shut

  • 1 (close)
    (door, book, box, mouth)
    she shut her eyes
    elle a fermé les yeux
    shut your mouth ou trap ou face (informal)!
    ferme-la (informal)!, ta gueule (slang)!
  • 2 (of business)
    (office, school, factory)
    to shut the shop for a week
    fermer le magasin pendant une semaine

intransitive verb p prés -tt- prét, pp shut

  • 1
    (door, book, box, mouth)
    se fermer
    to shut with a bang
    se refermer en claquant
  • 2
    (office, factory)
    the shop shuts at five
    le magasin ferme à cinq heures


put up or shut up (informal)!

prouve ce que tu dis ou alors tais-toi

Phrasal verbs

shut away

1 shut [somebody/something] away, shut away [somebody/something] 1.1 (lock up)
mettre [quelque chose] sous clé
(valuables, medicine)
1.2 (keep at bay)
tenir [quelqu'un] à distance
2 shut [oneself] away
se mettre à l'écart
from de

shut down

1 shut down
(plant, machinery)
2 shut [something] down, shut down [something]
(business, amenity, factory)
(service, reactor, machinery, power)

shut in

shut [somebody/something] in
(person, animal)
to feel shut in
se sentir étouffé
to shut oneself in

shut off

1 shut [something] off, shut off [something]
(supply, motor)
(oven, heater, fan)
(access, valve)
2 shut [somebody/something] off
from de
to shut oneself off
from de

shut out

shut out [something/somebody], shut [something/somebody] out 1.1 (keep out)
laisser [quelque chose] dehors
(animal, person)
(noise, draught)
to be shut out
être à la porte
1.2 (keep at bay)
(thought , memory, image)
1.3 (reject)
(person, world)
to feel shut out
1.4 (block)
empêcher [quelque chose] d'entrer
(light, sun)
1.5 (American English) (Sport)
empêcher [quelqu'un] de marquer

shut up

1 shut up (informal)
se taire
about au sujet de
I wish she'd shut up!
j'aimerais bien qu'elle la boucle (informal)!
shut up! (brisk)
boucle-la (informal)!, ferme-la (informal)!
ta gueule (slang)!
2 shut [somebody] up, shut up [somebody] 2.1
(person, animal)
that soon shut her up!
ça lui a cloué le bec (informal)!
2.2 (confine)
(person, animal) in dans
to shut oneself up
in dans
2.3 (close)
(house, business)
to shut up shop (informal)
[literal] [figurative]
fermer boutique

Definition of shut in:

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