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Pronunciation: /sʌm/

When some is used to mean an unspecified amount of something, it is translated by du, de l' (before a vowel or mute 'h'), de la or des according to the gender and number of the noun that follows: I'd like some bread = je voudrais du pain; have some water = prenez de l'eau; we've bought some beer = nous avons acheté de la bière; they've bought some peaches = ils ont acheté des pêches.But note that when a plural noun is preceded by an adjective in French, some is translated by de alone: some pretty dresses = de jolies robes.When some is used as a pronoun, it is translated by en which is placed before the verb in French: would you like some? = est-ce que vous en voulez?; I've got some = j'en ai.For further examples, see the entry below.


  • 1 (an unspecified amount or number) du/de l'/de la/des some old socks de vieilles chaussettes some red socks des chaussettes rouges I need some help j'ai besoin d'aide
  • 2 (certain) certain/-e (before n) some people say that certaines personnes disent que to some extent dans une certaine mesure
  • 3 (a considerable amount or number) his suggestion was greeted with some hostility sa suggestion a été accueillie avec hostilité it will take some doing ça ne va pas être facile à faire we stayed there for some time nous sommes restés là assez longtemps
  • 4 (a little, a slight) the meeting did have some effect la réunion a eu un certain effet you must have some idea where the house is tu dois avoir une idée de l'endroit où se trouve la maison
  • 5 (an unknown) he's doing some course il suit des cours a car of some sort, some sort of car une voiture quelconque

pron, quantif

  • 1 (an unspecified amount or number) en he took some of it/of them il en a pris un peu/quelques-uns (do) have some! servez-vous!
  • 2 (certain ones) certain/-e some (of them) are blue certains sont bleus some (of them) arrived early certains d'entre eux sont arrivés tôt


  • 1 (approximately) environ some 20 people environ 20 personnes
  • 2 (AmE) [fam], un peu

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