Translation of stick in French:


Pronunciation: /stɪk/


vt (prét, pp stuck)

  • 1to stick sth into sth planter qch dans qch
  • 3 (fix in place) coller [poster, stamp] (on sur à) (to à)

vi (prét, pp stuck)

  • 1the thorn stuck in my finger l'épine m'est restée dans le doigt
  • 3 [drawer, door, lift] se coincer
  • 4 (remain) rester to stick in sb's mind rester gravé dans la mémoire de qn

Phrasal verbs

stick at

stick at [sth] persévérer dans [task]

stick out

stick out [nail, sharp object] dépasser (of de) his ears stick out il a les oreilles décollées

stick [sth] out

to stick out one's hand/foot tendre la main/le pied to stick one's tongue out tirer la langue

stick to

(keep to) s'en tenir à [facts, point]; maintenir [story, version] 1.1 (follow) suivre [river, road]

stick together

[pages] se coller 1.1 [fam], (be loyal) être solidaires 1.2 [fam], (not separate) rester ensemble

stick up

(project) se dresser to stick up for sb défendre qn

Definition of stick in:

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