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Pronunciation: /teɪk/

Translation of take in French:


vt (prét took pp, taken)

  • 1 [gen], prendre he took the book off the shelf il a pris le livre sur l'étagère she took a chocolate from the box elle a pris un chocolat dans la boîte he took a pen out of his pocket il a sorti un stylo de sa poche to take an exam passer un examen to take a shower prendre une douche to take sb/sth seriously prendre qn/qch au sérieux
  • 2 (carry with one) emporter, prendre [object]; (carry to a place) emporter, porter [object] to take sb sth, to take sth to sb apporter qch à qn he took his umbrella with him il a emporté son parapluie to take a letter to the post office porter une lettre à la poste to take the car to the garage emmener la voiture au garage to take sth upstairs/downstairs monter/descendre qch
  • 3 (accompany, lead) emmener [person] to take sb to [bus] emmener qn à [place] [road] conduire or mener qn à [place] I'll take you to your room je vais vous conduire à votre chambre he took her home il l'a raccompagnée to take a dog/a child for a walk promener un chien/emmener un enfant faire une promenade
  • 4 (accept) [person] accepter [job, bribe]; [shop] accepter [credit card, cheque]; [person] supporter [pain, criticism] she can't take a joke elle ne comprend pas la plaisanterie I can't take any more! je n'en peux plus!
  • 5 (require) demander, exiger [patience, skill, courage] it takes patience to do il faut de la patience pour faire it takes three hours to get there il faut trois heures pour y aller it won't take long ça ne prendra pas longtemps it took her ten minutes to repair it elle a mis dix minutes pour le réparer to have what it takes avoir tout ce qu'il faut (to do pour faire)
  • 6 (assume) I take it that je suppose que
  • 7 (hold) [hall, bus] pouvoir contenir [50 people]; [tank, container] avoir une capacité de [quantity]
  • 8 (wear) what size do you take? (in clothes) quelle taille faites-vous? (in shoes) quelle pointure faites-vous? I take a size 10 (in clothes) je m'habille en 36 I take a size 5 (in shoes) je chausse du 38

vi (prét took pp, taken)

  • [drug] faire effet; [dye, plant] prendre


that's my last offer, take it or leave it!

c'est ma dernière proposition, c'est à prendre ou à laisser!

to take a lot out of sb

fatiguer beaucoup qn

Phrasal verbs

take aback

interloquer to be taken aback rester interloqué/-e

take after

tenir de [person]

take apart

démonter [car, machine]

take away

(carry away) emporter 1.1 (remove) enlever [object]; emmener [person] 1.2 (subtract) soustraire [number] that doesn't take anything away from his achievement ça n'enlève rien à ce qu'il a accompli

take back

(to shop) rapporter [goods] 1.1 retirer [statement, words] 1.2 (accompany) ramener [person] 1.3 (accept again) reprendre

take down

enlever [picture, curtains]; démonter [tent, scaffolding] 1.1 noter [name, details]

take hold

[disease, epidemic] s'installer; [idea, ideology] se répandre to take hold of prendre [object, hand]

take in

(deceive) tromper I wasn't taken in by him je ne me suis pas laissé prendre à son jeu 1.1 recueillir [refugee]; prendre [lodger] 1.2 (understand) saisir, comprendre [situation] 1.3 (observe) noter [detail] 1.4 (encompass) inclure 1.5 (absorb) absorber [nutrients, oxygen] 1.6 [boat] prendre [water] 1.7 (in sewing) reprendre [garment]

take off

take off [plane] décoller 1.1 [idea, fashion] prendre
take [sth] off to take £10 off (the price) réduire le prix de 10 livres sterling 1.1to take two days off prendre deux jours de congé
take off [sth]take [sth] off enlever [clothing, shoes, lid]
take [sb] off (imitate) imiter [person]

take on

(employ) embaucher [staff, worker] 1.1 jouer contre [team, player]; (fight) se battre contre [person] 1.2 (accept) prendre [responsibilities, work]

take out

take [sth] out sortir [object] (from, of de); extraire [tooth]; enlever [appendix]; retirer [money] 1.1to take [sth] out on sb passer [qch] sur qn [anger, frustration] to take it out on sb s'en prendre à qn
take [sb] out sortir avec [person] to take sb out to dinner emmener qn dîner

take over

take over [army, faction] prendre le pouvoir 1.1 (be successor) [person] prendre la suite to take over from remplacer [predecessor]
take over [sth] prendre le contrôle de [town, region]; reprendre [business]

take part

prendre part to take part in participer à

take place

avoir lieu

take to

se prendre de sympathie pour [person] 1.1 (begin) to take to doing se mettre à faire 1.2 (go) se réfugier dans [forest, hills] to take to the streets descendre dans la rue

take up

to take up with s'attacher à [person, group]
take up [sth] (lift) enlever [carpet, pavement] 1.1 (start) se mettre à [golf, guitar]; prendre [job] to take up one's duties entrer dans ses fonctions 1.2 (continue) reprendre [story, cry, refrain] 1.3 (accept) accepter [offer, invitation]; relever [challenge] 1.4to take sth up with sb soulever qch avec qn [matter] 1.5 (occupy) prendre [space, time, energy] 1.6 prendre [position, stance] 1.7 (shorten) raccourcir [skirt, curtains]
take sb up on reprendre qn sur [point, assertion] 1.1to take sb up on an offer accepter l'offre de qn

Definition of take in:

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