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British English: /ðan/
, /ð(ə)n/
American English: /ðæn/
, /ðən/
When than is used as a preposition in expressions of comparison, it is translated by que (or qu' before a vowel or mute ‘h’): he's taller than me = il est plus grand que moi; London is bigger than Oxford = Londres est plus grand qu'Oxford.For expressions with numbers, temperatures etc see the entry below.See also the entries more less hardly soon rather other.When than is used as a conjunction, it is translated by que and the verb following it is preceded by ne: it was farther than I thought = c'était plus loin que je ne pensais. However, French speakers often try to phrase the comparison differently: it was more difficult than we expected = c'était plus difficile que prévu. For other uses see the entry below.See also the entries hardly rather soon.

Translation of than in French:


  • 1 (in comparisons) thinner than him
    plus mince que lui
    he has more than me
    il a plus que moi
    faster by plane than by boat
    plus rapide en avion qu'en bateau
    I was more surprised than annoyed
    j'étais plus étonné qu'ennuyé
    it's more difficult for us than for them
    c'est plus difficile pour nous que pour eux
  • 2 (expressing quantity, degree, value) more/less than 100
    plus/moins de 100
    more than half
    plus de la moitié
    temperatures lower than 30 degrees
    des températures de moins de 30 degrés


  • 1 (in comparisons) he's older than I am
    il est plus âgé que moi
    it took us longer than we thought it would
    ça nous a pris plus de temps que prévu
    it was further away than I remembered
    c'était plus loin que dans mon souvenir
    there's nothing better/worse than doing
    il n'y a rien de mieux/de pire que de faire
  • 2 (expressing preferences) I'd sooner ou rather do X than do Y
    je préférerais faire X que (de) faire Y
  • 3 (when) hardly ou no sooner had he left than the phone rang
    à peine était-il parti que le téléphone a sonné
  • 4 (American English) (from)to be different than something
    être différent de quelque chose
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