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As a determinerIn French, determiners agree in gender and number with the noun that follows; that is translated by ce + masculine singular noun ( ce monsieur), by cet + masculine singular noun beginning with a vowel or mute 'h' ( cet arbre, cet homme) and by cette + feminine singular noun ( cette femme). The plural form those is translated by ces.Note, however, that the above translations are also used for the English this (plural these). So when it is necessary to insist on that as opposed to others of the same sort -là is added to the noun: I prefer that version = je préfère cette version-là.As a pronoun ( meaning that one)In French, pronouns reflect the gender and number of the noun they are standing for. So that (meaning that one) is translated by celui-là for a masculine noun, celle-là for a feminine noun; those (meaning those ones) is translated by ceux-là for a masculine plural noun and celles-là for a feminine plural noun.

/ðæt/ det

  • ce/cet/cette/ces that chair cette chaise those chairs ces chaises at that moment à ce moment-là at that time à cette époque-là you can't do it that way tu ne peux pas le faire comme ça he went that way il est allé par là that lazy son of yours ton paresseux de fils

/ðæt/ dem pron (pl those)

  • 1 (that one) celui-/celle-/ceux-/celles-là
  • 2 (that thing, that person) what's that? qu'est-ce que c'est que ça? who's that? qui est-ce? (on phone) qui est à l'appareil? is that Françoise? c'est Françoise? who told you that? qui t'a dit ça? that's how he did it c'est comme ça qu'il l'a fait what did he mean by that? qu'est-ce qu'il entendait par là? that's the kitchen ça, c'est la cuisine

/ðət/ rel pron

  • 1 (as subject) qui; (as object) que the day that she arrived le jour où elle est arrivée
  • 2 (as subject) lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles the chair that I was sitting on la chaise sur laquelle j'étais assis
  • 3 (with prepositions, translated by à) auquel, à laquelle, auxquels, auxquelles the girls that I was talking to les filles auxquelles je parlais
  • 4 (with prepositions, translated by de) dont the people that I've talked about les personnes dont j'ai parlé

/ðət/ conj

  • que he said that he had finished il a dit qu'il avait fini

/ðæt/ adv

  • it's about that thick c'est à peu près épais comme ça I can't do that much work in one day je ne peux pas faire autant de travail dans une journée he can't swim that far il ne peut pas nager aussi loin


that is (to say)…


that's it!

(that's right) c'est ça!; (that's enough) ça suffit!

I don't want to see you again and that's that!

je ne veux pas te revoir point final!

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