Translation of through in French:


Pronunciation: /θruː/


  • 1 (from one side to the other) à travers the nail went right through the wall le clou a traversé le mur
  • 2 (via, by way of) to go through the town centre passer par le centre-ville to look through regarder avec [telescope] regarder par [hole, window] it was through her that I got this job c'est par son intermédiaire que j'ai eu ce travail
  • 3 (past) to go through brûler [red light] to get or go through passer à travers [barricade] passer [customs] she's been through a lot elle en a vu des vertes et des pas mures [fam]
  • 5 (until the end of) all or right through the day toute la journée
  • 6 (up to and including) jusqu'à from Friday through to Sunday de vendredi jusqu'à dimanche


  • 1 [train, ticket, route] direct/-e; [freight] à forfait ‘no through road’ ‘voie sans issue’
  • 2 (successful) to be through to the next round être sélectionné/-e pour le deuxième tour
  • 3 [fam] (finished) fini/-e are you through with the paper? as-tu fini de lire le journal?


  • the water went through l'eau est passée à travers to let sb through laisser passer qn to read sth right through lire qch jusqu'au bout

phr (through and through)

  • English through and through anglais jusqu'au bout des ongles

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