Translation of touch in French:


Pronunciation: /tʌtʃ/


  • 3 (style, skill) (of artist, writer) touche (f); (of musician) toucher (m) to lose one's touch perdre la main that's a clever touch! ça, c'est génial!
  • 4 (little) a touch un petit peu
  • 5 (communication) to get/stay in touch with se mettre/rester en contact avec he's out of touch with reality il est déconnecté de la réalité


  • 1 toucher; (interfere with) toucher à to touch sb on the shoulder toucher l'épaule de qn I never touch alcohol je ne prends jamais d'alcool
  • 2 (affect) toucher; (adversely) affecter; (as matter of concern) concerner we were most touched nous avons été très touchés


  • se toucher


to be a soft touch

être un pigeon [fam]

it's touch and go whether he'll make it through the night

il risque fort de ne pas passer la nuit

Phrasal verbs

touch down

[plane] atterrir 1.1 [Sport] (in rugby) marquer un essai

touch (up)on

effleurer [topic]

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