Translation of towards in French:


, (BrE) toward (AmE)


When towards is used to talk about direction or position, it is generally translated by vers: she ran toward(s) him = elle a couru vers lui.When toward(s) is used to mean in relation to, it is translated by envers: his attitude toward(s) his parents = son attitude envers ses parents. For further examples, see the entry below.

  • 1 vers towards the east vers l'est he was standing with his back towards me il me tournait le dos towards evening vers le soir towards the end of vers la fin de [month, life]
  • 2 envers to be friendly/hostile towards sb se montrer cordial/hostile envers qn
  • 3 (as contribution) the money will go towards a new car l'argent servira à payer une nouvelle voiture

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