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British English: /ʌs/
American English: /əs/
The direct or indirect object pronoun us is always translated by nous: she knows us = elle nous connaît. Note that both the direct and the indirect object pronouns come before the verb in French and that in compound tenses like the present perfect and past perfect, the past participle agrees in gender and number with the direct object pronoun: he's seen us ( masculine or mixed gender object) il nous a vus; ( feminine object) il nous a vues.In imperatives nous comes after the verb: tell us! = dis-nous!; give it to us or give us it = donne-le-nous (note the hyphens).After the verb to be and after prepositions the translation is also nous: it's us = c'est nous.For expressions with let us or let's see the entry let1.For particular usages see the entry below.


  • both of us
    tous/toutes les deux
    both of us like Balzac
    nous aimons Balzac tous/toutes les deux
    (more informally) on aime Balzac tous/toutes les deux
    every single one of us people like us
    des gens comme nous
    some of us
    quelques-uns/-unes d'entre nous
    she's one of us
    elle est des nôtres
    give us a hand, will you [informal]?
    tu peux me donner un coup de main s'il te plaît?
    oh give us a break [informal]!
    fiche-moi la paix! [informal]
    give us a look [informal]!
    fais voir!
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There are 2 entries that translate us into French:

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proper noun

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