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British English: /wɒʃ/
American English: /wɑʃ/
, /wɔʃ/

Translation of wash in French:


  • 1
    (by person) to give [something] a wash
    laver (window, floor)
    nettoyer (object)
    lessiver (paintwork, walls)
    se laver (hands, face)
    to give somebody a wash you need a good wash
    tu as besoin d'un bon débarbouillage
    to have a quick wash these curtains/your feet need a wash
    ces rideaux/tes pieds ont besoin d'être lavés
    before n frequent wash shampoo
    shampooing (m) pour lavages fréquents
  • 2 (laundry process) weekly wash
    lessive (f) hebdomadaire
    after only two washes
    après deux lavages seulement
    in the wash (about to be cleaned)
    au sale
    (being cleaned) au lavage

transitive verb

  • 1 (clean)
    laver (person, clothes, floor)
    nettoyer (object, wound)
    lessiver (paintwork, surface)
    to get washed
    se laver
    to wash everything by hand/in the machine
    laver tout à la main/à la machine
    to wash one's hands/face
    se laver les mains/le visage
    to wash something clean
    laver (hands, clothes, floor)
    lessiver (paintwork)
    nettoyer (cut)
    to wash the dishes
    faire la vaisselle
  • 2 (carry along)
    (tide, current)
    entraîner (silt, debris)
    to be washed out to sea
    être entraîné vers le large
    to be washed along by the tide
    être entraîné par la marée
    to be washed downstream
    être entraîné en aval
    to wash somebody/something ashore
    rejeter quelqu'un/quelque chose sur le rivage
    to wash somebody/something overboard
    emporter quelqu'un/quelque chose par-dessus bord
  • 3 [literary] (lap against)
    lécher (rock, shore)
  • 4 (dig out) the water had washed a hole in the bank
    les inondations avaient creusé un trou dans le talus
  • 5 (coat)
    laver (drawing)
    (gen) (Construction)
    passer une légère couche de peinture sur (wall)
    (with whitewash) badigeonner (wall)
    to wash a wall in pink
    passer une légère couche de rose sur un mur
    to wash something with gold
    dorer quelque chose au trempé (metal, coin)
  • 6 (Chemistry, Mining) (purify by separation)
    épurer [quelque chose] par lavage (gas)
    laver (ore)

intransitive verb

  • 2 (clean clothes) I wash on Mondays
    je fais la lessive le lundi
    Whizzo washes whiter (Marketing)
    Whizzo lave plus blanc
  • 3 (become clean)
    se laver
    to wash easily/well
    se laver facilement/bien
  • 4 [informal] (be believed)his explanation won't wash with the electorate
    son explication ne satisfera pas l'électorat
    that excuse won't wash with me
    cette excuse ne me satisfait pas

reflexive verb

  • to wash oneself
    se laver
    se nettoyer


it will all come out in the wash

(be revealed) tout finira bien par se savoir

to wash one's hands of

se laver les mains de (matter)
se désintéresser de (person)

Phrasal verbs

wash away

1 wash [something] away, wash away [something] 1.1 (clean)
faire partir (dirt)
laver (sins)
1.2 (carry off)
(flood, tide, current)
emporter (structure, debris)
(by erosion) (sea)
éroder (cliff, bank)
2 wash [somebody] away
(wave, tide)
emporter (person)

wash down

wash [something] down, wash down [something] 1.1 (clean)
lessiver (paintwork)
1.2 [informal] (help to swallow)
faire descendre (pill)
faire passer (unpleasant food)
arroser (food)
a good steak washed down with a glass of claret
un bon steak arrosé d'un verre de bordeaux

wash off

1 wash off
partir au lavage
2 wash [something] off, wash off [something] 2.1 (clean off)
faire partir [quelque chose] à l'eau (dirt, mark)
to wash the mud off the car
laver la voiture pour faire partir la boue
go and wash that dirt off your face
débarbouille-toi la figure
2.2 (carry off)
drainer (topsoil)

wash out

1 wash out 1.1 (disappear by cleaning)
partir au lavage
stains that won't wash out (Marketing)
taches rebelles
1.2 (American English) [informal] (fail to reach standard for)she washed out of college
elle s'est fait recaler aux examens d'entrée en fac [informal]
2 wash [something] out, wash out [something] 2.1 (remove by cleaning)
faire partir [quelque chose] au lavage (stain)
faire passer (colour)
2.2 (rinse inside)
rincer (cup, inside)
2.3 (clean quickly)
passer [quelque chose] à l'eau (dishcloth, brush)
2.4 (rain off) (gén au passif) the first day's play was washed out
la première journée a été annulée à cause de la pluie
2.5 (extract)
(gen) extraire (precious metal)
(from mud) débourber (precious metal)

wash over

balayer (deck)
everything I say just washes over him
tout ce que je dis glisse sur lui
a great feeling of relief washed over me
un immense soulagement m'a envahi

wash through

wash [something] through
passer [quelque chose] à l'eau

wash up

1 wash up 1.1 (British English) (do dishes)
faire la vaisselle
1.2 (American English) (clean oneself)
faire un brin de toilette [informal]
2 wash [something] up, wash up [something] 2.1 (clean)
laver (plate)
nettoyer (pan)
2.2 (bring to shore)
rejeter (body, debris)
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