Translation of wash in French:


Pronunciation: /wɒʃ/


  • 2 (laundry process) lavage (m) weekly wash lessive (f) hebdomadaire in the wash (about to be cleaned) au sale (being cleaned) au lavage

/wɒʃ; (AmE) wɔːʃ/ vt

  • laver [person, clothes, floor]; nettoyer [object, wound]; lessiver [paintwork, surface] to get washed se laver to wash one's hands/face se laver les mains/le visage to wash the dishes faire la vaisselle


  • 2 (do laundry) faire la lessive

Phrasal verbs

wash away

emporter [structure, debris, person]

wash up

wash up (BrE) (do dishes) faire la vaisselle 1.1 (AmE) (clean oneself) faire un brin de toilette [fam]
wash [sth] up (clean) laver [plate]; nettoyer [pan] 1.1 [tide] rejeter [debris]

Definition of wash in:

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