Translation of waste in French:


Pronunciation: /weɪst/


  • 1 (of food, money, energy) gaspillage (m) (of de); (of time) perte (f) (of de) a waste of effort un effort inutile that car is such a waste of money! cette voiture, c'est vraiment de l'argent jeté par les fenêtres! to let sth go to waste gaspiller qch
  • 2 (detritus)
    (also wastes (AmE) )
    déchets (mpl) (from de)

npl (wastes)

  • 1 (wilderness) étendues (fpl) sauvages


  • 1 [heat, energy] gaspillé/-e; [water] usé/-e waste materials déchets (mpl)


  • 1 (squander) gaspiller [food, resources, energy, money, talents]; perdre [time, opportunity]; user [strength]
  • 2 (make thinner) décharner; (make weaker) atrophier

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