There are 2 entries that translate who into French:

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British English: /huː/
, //
American English: /hu/
Who is translated by qui. In questions qui on its own as the object of a verb requires inversion of the verb: who did he call? = qui a-t-il appelé? but qui followed by est-ce que or est-ce qui needs no inversion: qui est-ce qu'il a appelé? Note, however, that the form il a appelé qui? is also used in spoken French.For particular usages see the entry below.


  • 1 (interrogative) (as subject)
    (as object) qui (est-ce que)
    (after prepositions) qui
    who knows the answer?
    qui connaît la réponse?
    who did you invite?
    qui est-ce que tu as invité?, qui as-tu invité?
    who's going to be there?
    qui sera là?
    behind/next to who?
    derrière/à côté de qui?
    who was she with?
    elle était avec qui?, avec qui était-elle?
    who does he live with?
    il habite avec qui?, avec qui est-ce qu'il habite?
    who did you buy it for?
    pour qui l'as-tu acheté?
    who did you get it from?
    qui te l'a donné?
    ‘I gave it away’, ‘who to?’
    ‘je l'ai donné’—‘à qui?’
    do you know who's who?
    est-ce que tu sais qui est qui?
    I was strolling along when who should I see but Diane
    je me promenais et devine qui j'ai rencontré…Diane
    who shall I say is calling? (on phone)
    ‘c'est de la part de qui?’
  • 2 (relative) (as subject)
    (as object) que
    (after prepositions) qui
    his friend who lives/who he sees
    son ami qui habite/qu'il voit
    he/she who
    celui/celle qui
    they ou those who
    ceux/celles qui
    those who have something to say should speak up now
    quiconque a quelque chose à dire doit le dire or ceux qui ont quelque chose à dire doivent le dire maintenant
  • 3 (whoever) bring who you like
    tu peux amener qui tu veux
    who do you think you are?
    tu te prends pour qui?
    who do you think you're talking to?
    à qui est-ce que tu crois parler?
    who's he to tell you what to do?
    de quel droit est-ce qu'il te donne des ordres?
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There are 2 entries that translate who into French:

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