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Pronunciation: /huː/


Note that there are three ways of asking questions using qui as the object of the verb: who did he call? = qui est-ce qu'il a appelé?, qui a-t-il appelé?, il a appelé qui?

  • 1 (in questions) (as subject) qui (est-ce qui); (as object) qui (est-ce que); (after prepositions) qui who knows the answer? qui connaît la réponse? who's going to be there? qui sera là? who did you invite? qui est-ce que tu as invité?, qui as-tu invité? who was she with? avec qui était-elle? who did you buy it for? pour qui l'as-tu acheté? who did you get it from? qui te l'a donné?
  • 2 (relative) (as subject) qui; (as object) que; (after prepositions) qui his friend, who lives in Paris son ami, qui habite Paris his friend who he sees once a week l'ami qu'il voit une fois par semaine
  • 3 (whoever) bring who you like tu peux amener qui tu veux who do you think you are? tu te prends pour qui?

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