Translation of wipe in French:


Pronunciation: /waɪp/


  • 1to give sth a wipe (clean, dust) donner un coup de chiffon à qch (dry) essuyer qch
  • 2 (for face, baby) lingette (f)


  • essuyer [table, glass] (on sur avec) (with avec) to wipe one's hands/feet s'essuyer les mains/les pieds to wipe one's nose se moucher to wipe a baby's bottom essuyer (les fesses d')un bébé to wipe the dishes essuyer la vaiselle

Phrasal verbs

wipe away

essuyer [tears, sweat]; faire partir [dirt, mark]

wipe out

nettoyer [container, cupboard] 1.1 annuler [inflation]; anéantir [species, enemy, population]

wipe up

wipe [sth] up essuyer

Definition of wipe in:

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