Translation of your in French:


Pronunciation: /jɔː(r); jʊə(r)/

For a full note on the use of the vous and tu forms in French, see the entry you. In French, determiners agree in gender and number with the noun that follows: your + masculine singular noun = ton, votre ( your dog ton/votre chien); your + feminine singular noun = ta, votre ( your house ta/votre maison); your + plural noun = tes, vos ( your parents tes/vos parents).


  • 2 (used impersonally) son, sa, ses you buy your tickets at the door on prend ses billets à l'entrée smoking is bad for your health le tabac est mauvais pour la santé
  • 3 (for emphasis) à vous, à toi your house votre maison à vous/ta maison à toi

Definition of your in:

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