Translation of read in German:


Pronunciation: /riːd/

v.t. (read /red/)

  • 1 lesen read sb sth, read sth to sb jmdm. etwas vorlesen read the gas meter das Gas ablesen
  • 2 (interpret) deuten read between the lines zwischen den Zeilen lesen

v.i. (read)

  • 1 lesen read to sb jmdm. vorlesen
  • 2 (convey meaning) lauten the contract reads as follows der Vertrag hat folgenden Wortlaut

Phrasal verbs

read ˈout

v.t. laut vorlesen

read ˈover

read ˈthrough
v.t. durchlesen

read ˈup

v.t. sich informieren (on über) (+ Akk.)

Definition of read in:

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