Translation of there in German:


Pronunciation: /ðeə(r)/


  • 1 (in/at that place) da; dort; (fairly close) da be down/in/up there da unten/drin/oben sein
  • 2 (calling attention) hello or hi there! hallo! you there! Sie da!
  • 3 (in that respect) da so there und damit basta [ugs.]
  • 4 (to that place) dahin, dorthin [gehen, fahren, rücken] down/up there dort hinunter/hinauf
  • 5 /ðə(r); stressed ðeə(r)/ was there anything in it? war da irgendwas drin? there was once es war einmal there is enough food es gibt genug zu essen



  • da; dort near there da od. dort in der Nähe

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