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British English: /ənd/
, /(ə)n/
, /and/
American English: /ænd/
, /(ə)n/
When used as a straightforward conjunction, and is translated by e : to shout and sing = gridare e cantare; Tom and Linda = Tom e Linda; my friend and colleague = il mio amico e collega. - When and joins two or more nouns, definite articles, possessive adjectives or quantifiers are not repeated in English, but they are in Italian: the books and exercise books = i libri e i quaderni; her father and mother = suo padre e sua madre; some apples and pears = delle mele e delle pere. - And is sometimes used between two verbs in English to mean in order to ( wait and see, go and ask, try and rest etc.); to translate these expressions, look under the appropriate verb entry ( wait, go, try etc.). Note that the two verb forms involved are the same tense in English, whereas in Italian the second one is always in the infinitive: I'll try and come as soon as possible = cercherò di venire appena possibile. - For and used in telling the time and saying numbers, see the lexical notes and . For more examples and other uses, see the entry below.


  • 1 (joining words or clauses)
    cups and plates
    tazze e piatti
    summer and winter
    estate e inverno
    there'll be singing and dancing
    si canterà e si ballerà
    he picked up his papers and went out
    raccolse le sue carte e uscì
    I think about you day and night
  • 2 (in numbers)two hundred and sixty-two
    three and three-quarters
    tre e tre quarti
    five and twenty [archaic]
    o [literary]
  • 3 (with repetition)more and more interesting faster and faster it got worse and worse
    andò di male in peggio o sempre peggio
    I waited and waited to talk on and on
    continuare a parlare
    for days and days
    per giorni e giorni
    we laughed and laughed!
    ridemmo a crepapelle!
    there are friends and friends
    ci sono amici e amici
  • 4 (for emphasis)it's lovely and warm
    fa proprio un bel calduccio
    come nice and early
    vieni presto
    and he didn't even say thank you
    e non disse nemmeno grazie
  • 6 (with negative)I haven't got pen and paper he doesn't like singing and dancing
    non gli piace cantare né ballare
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