There are 2 translations of as in Italian:


Pronunciation: /æz/


  • come; (since) siccome; (while) mentre as he grew older diventando vecchio as you get to know her conoscendola meglio young as she is per quanto sia giovane


  • come as a friend come amico as a child da bambino as a foreigner in quanto straniero disguised as travestito da


  • as wellalso anche as soon as I get home [non] appena arrivo a casa as quick as you veloce quanto te as quick as you can più veloce che puoi as far as (distance) fino a as far as I'm concerned per quanto mi riguarda as long as finché (provided that) purché

Definition of as in:

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Pronunciation: wiːn
be of the opinion; think or suppose

There are 2 translations of as in Italian:



  • esame (m) sostenuto al termine del primo anno del biennio di preparazione agli A-Level

Definition of as in: