There are 2 translations of be in Italian:


Pronunciation: /biː/

vi (pres am, are, is, are pt, was, were pp, been)

  • essere he is a teacher è insegnante, fa l'insegnante what do you want to be? cosa vuoi fare? be quiet! sta' zitto! I am cold/hot ho freddo/caldo it's cold/hot, isn't it? fa freddo/caldo, vero? how are you? come stai? I am well sto bene there is c'è there are ci sono I have been to Venice sono stato a Venezia has the postman been? è passato il postino? you're coming too, aren't you? vieni anche tu, no? it's yours, is it? è tuo, vero? was John there? - yes, he was c'era John? - sì John wasn't there - yes he was! John non c'era - sì che c'era! three and three are six tre più tre fanno sei he is five ha cinque anni that will be £10, please fanno 10 sterline, per favore how much is it? quanto costa? that's £5 you owe me mi devi 5 sterline

v aux

  • I am coming/reading sto venendo/leggendo I'm staying (not leaving) resto I am being lazy sono pigro I was thinking of you stavo pensando a te you are not to tell him non devi dirglielo you are to do that immediately devi farlo subito


  • essere I have been robbed sono stato derubato

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There are 2 translations of be in Italian:



Definition of be in: