Translation of bring in Italian:


Pronunciation: /brɪŋ/

vt (pt/pp brought)

Phrasal verbs

bring about

vt causare

bring along

vt portare [con sé]

bring back

vt restituire [something borrowed]; reintrodurre [hanging]; fare ritornare in mente [memories]

bring down

vt portare giù; fare cadere [government]; fare abbassare [price]

bring forward

vt anticipare [meeting, date] the meeting has been brought forward to this afternoon la riunione è stata anticipata al pomeriggio

bring in

vt introdurre [legislation] his job brings in £30,000 a year guadagna 30.000 sterline all'anno

bring off

vt bring something off riuscire a fare qualcosa

bring on

vt (cause) provocare

bring out

vt (emphasize) mettere in evidenza; pubblicare [book]

bring round

vt portare; (persuade) convincere; far rinvenire [unconscious person]

bring up

vt (vomit) rimettere; allevare [children]; tirare fuori [question, subject]

Definition of bring in:

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