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British English: /brɪŋ/
American English: /brɪŋ/

Translation of bring in Italian:

transitive verb pass., p.pass. brought

  • 1 (convey, carry)
    (present, powers, supplies, message, news, rain, destruction, change, happiness, consolation, hope)
    have you brought your camera? wait and see what tomorrow brings
    aspetta di vedere che cosa ci porterà il futuro
    to bring something with one
    portarsi qualcosa o portare qualcosa con sé
    to bring somebody flowers, a cake
    portare dei fiori, un regalo a qualcuno
    the case has brought him publicity
    con quel caso si è fatto pubblicità
    to bring somebody wealth, fame
    portare a qualcuno ricchezza, fama
    to bring something to (contribute)
    portare qualcosa a
    (school, work, area)
    it has brought prosperity to the region to bring one's talents to something
    contribuire con il proprio talento a qualcosa
    to bring one's experience to something
    apportare la propria esperienza in qualcosa
    that brings the total to 100 to bring a smile to somebody's face
    fare sorridere qualcuno
    to bring a blush to somebody's cheeks
    fare arrossire qualcuno
    to bring something to a halt
    dare l'alt a qualcosa o arrestare qualcosa
    to bring the conversation round o around to to bring something into
    portare qualcosa dentro
    (house, room)
    introdurre qualcosa in
    (conversation, story)
    to bring something into existence
    creare qualcosa o dare vita a qualcosa
    to bring something upstairs
    portare qualcosa di sopra
    the wind brought the tree down
    il vento ha abbattuto o fatto cadere l'albero
    don't forget to bring it home
    non dimenticarti di portarlo a casa
    to bring shame, disgrace on somebody
    portare vergogna, disonore a qualcuno
    to bring something on, upon oneself
    tirarsi dietro, addosso qualcosa
    you brought it on yourself
    te la sei cercata
    her remarks brought gasps of surprise from the audience
    le sue osservazioni lasciarono il pubblico a bocca aperta
    his novel brought praise from the critics
    il romanzo gli ha procurato l'elogio dei critici
  • 2 (come with)
    (friend, relative, dog)
    to bring somebody with one
    portare qualcuno (con sé)
    to bring somebody to
    portare qualcuno a
    (wedding, party, office)
  • 3 (lead, draw) See examples:the path brings you to the church
    il sentiero ti porta o conduce alla chiesa
    the Games brought people to the city
    i Giochi hanno portato o attirato gente in città
    the noise brought them to the window I brought him to the ground
    l'ho atterrato o fatto cadere
    that brings me to the question of
    questo mi porta alla questione di
    to bring somebody to himself o herself
    portare qualcuno alla realtà
    what brings you here?
    che cosa ci fai qui?
    to bring somebody to do something
    indurre qualcuno a fare qualcosa o far fare qualcosa a qualcuno
    I couldn't bring him to accept
    non sono riuscito a convincerlo ad accettare
    to bring somebody, a dog into the country
    far entrare o introdurre qualcuno, un cane nel paese
    to bring somebody into the room
    far entrare qualcuno nella stanza
    to bring somebody into contact with something
    fare conoscere qualcosa a qualcuno
    to bring somebody into contact with somebody
    mettere qualcuno in contatto con qualcuno
    to bring somebody home
    (transport home)
    riaccompagnare qualcuno o portare qualcuno a casa
    (to meet family)
    portare qualcuno in casa
  • 4 (Television, Radio)the game will be brought to you live from Sydney
    la partita verrà trasmessa in diretta da Sydney
    modern technology brings the war into your living room
    la tecnologia moderna porta la guerra direttamente a casa vostra
    we bring you all the latest news
    vi diamo (tutte) le ultime notizie
    “brought to you by Sudso Soap”

reflexive verb pass., p.pass. brought

  • to bring oneself to do
    imporsi di fare
    I couldn't bring myself to get up, to tell him
    non sono riuscito ad (impormi di) alzarmi, a dirgli

Phrasal verbs

bring about:

bring about [something], bring [something] about
(war, disaster, death)
portare a
(reform, settlement, reconciliation)
(change, success, failure, defeat)

bring along:

1 bring along [something], bring [something] along
2 bring along [somebody], bring [somebody] along

bring back:

bring back [something], bring [something] back 1.1 (return with)
(souvenir, gift) from da
to bring somebody back something
riportare o restituire qualcosa a qualcuno
1.2 (restore)
(colour, shine)
to bring somebody's memory, sight back
restituire la memoria, la vista a qualcuno
1.3 (introduce again)
(monarchy, democracy)
1.4 (restore memory of)
(night, time, occasion)
seeing her brought it all back to me to bring back memories
riportare o richiamare alla mente ricordi
to bring back memories of something
riportare o richiamare alla mente ricordi di qualcosa

bring down:

1 bring down [something], bring [something] down 1.1 (cause collapse of)
(government, dictator)
1.2 (reduce)
(inflation, unemployment, expenditure)
(rate, level, price, cost of living, temperature)
1.3 (shoot down)
(plane, grouse, tiger)
1.4 (cause to hit) See examples:to bring [something] down on somebody', something
calare su qualcuno, qualcosa
(cane, hammer)
to bring somebody's wrath down on somebody [literary]
attirare la collera di qualcuno su qualcuno
2 bring [somebody] down [informal]

bring forth:

bring forth [something], bring [something] forth 1.1 (provoke)
(protest, scorn)
1.2 [literary] (produce)
(object, fruit, blossom)
fare scaturire, sgorgare
1.3 [literary]
dare alla luce

bring forward:

bring forward [something], bring [something] forward 1.1 (make sooner)
(meeting, wedding, election) by di
1.2 (propose)
(bill, amendment, motion, plan)
1.3 (Administration)
(total, balance, deficit)
balance brought forward: 354.90
riporto: 354.90
1.4 (bring in)
(witness, person)

bring in:

1 bring in [something]
(amount, money, interest)
2 bring in [something], bring [something] in 2.1 (introduce)
(legislation, measure, reference, new character)
2.2 (Agriculture)
(crop, harvest, wheat, corn, fruit)
3 bring in [somebody], bring [somebody] in 3.1 (involve)
rivolgersi a, chiamare, fare intervenire
(consultant, expert, police) from da as in qualità di
(reinforcements, army) from da as in qualità di
if I could bring in Mrs Cox at this point…
3.2 (to police station) to be brought in for questioning
essere portato alla centrale per l'interrogatorio

bring into:

bring [somebody] into
fare partecipare a
tirare dentro, inserire in
don't bring my mother into this!
lascia mia madre fuori da (tutto) questo!

bring off:

bring off [something], bring [something] off
(feat, performance)

bring on:

1 bring on [something], bring [something] on 1.1 (provoke)
(attack, migraine, fit, labour)
(bronchitis, rheumatism, pneumonia)
what brought that on? (to someone) bring it on! [informal]
fatti sotto!
1.2 (encourage)
accelerare la crescita di
2 bring on [somebody], bring [somebody] on 2.1 (to stage, field)
fare entrare
(dancer, substitute)
2.2 (encourage)
(player, child)

bring out:

1 bring out [something], bring [something] out 1.1
tirare fuori
(gun, handkerchief etc.)
1.2 (Business)
(edition, volume, new model)
1.3 (highlight)
(detail, colour, melody, flavour)
mettere in evidenza
(meaning, instinct, spirit)
to bring out the artist, the child in somebody
tirare fuori o fare uscire l'artista, il bambino in qualcuno
2 bring out [somebody], bring [somebody] out 2.1 (draw out)
mettere a proprio agio
fare parlare
2.2 (on strike)
fare scendere in sciopero
2.3to bring somebody out in spots
fare venire un'eruzione cutanea a qualcuno

bring round:

bring [somebody] round 1.1 (revive)
fare rinvenire
1.2 (convince) to bring somebody round to one's way of thinking
convincere qualcuno a condividere le proprie idee

bring to

bring round:

bring together:

bring together [something, somebody], bring [something, somebody] together 1.1 (assemble)
(family, experts, sides, themes)
1.2 (create bond between)
(couple, lovers, siblings)
it brought us closer together

bring up:

1 bring up [something], bring [something] up 1.1 (mention) 1.2 (vomit) 2 bring up [somebody], bring [somebody] up to bring somebody up to do
insegnare a qualcuno a fare
to be brought up by somebody, in China
essere cresciuto da qualcuno, in Cina
to be brought up as a Catholic to be brought up on stories of war
crescere sentendosi raccontare continuamente storie della guerra
it's the way I was brought up
è così che sono stato allevato
well, badly brought up

Definition of bring in:

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