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brush 1

British English: /brʌʃ/
American English: /brəʃ/


  • 3 (encounter)
    (confrontation with person) scontro (masculine) (with con)
    (contact with person, celebrity) contatto (masculine) (with con)
    to have a brush with the police, with the authorities
    avere a che fare con la polizia, con le autorità
    to have a brush with death
    vedere la morte da vicino o sfiorare la morte
  • 4 (light touch)
    sfioramento (masculine)
    tocco (masculine) leggero
    I felt the brush of a bird's wing
    mi sono sentito sfiorare dall'ala di un uccello

transitive verb

  • 1 (sweep, clean)
    spazzolare (carpet, clothes, shoes)
    to brush one's hair, teeth
    spazzolarsi i capelli, i denti
    to brush somebody's hair, teeth
    spazzolare i capelli, i denti di qualcuno
    to brush something off, into something (with brush or hand)
    togliere qualcosa da qualcosa con la spazzola o con la mano
    to brush the knots out of one's hair
    sciogliere i nodi dei capelli di qualcuno con la spazzola
  • 2 (touch lightly)
    sfiorare, toccare lievemente (person, part of body, object) (with con)
    her skirt brushed the floor
    la sua gonna sfiorava il pavimento
  • 3 (Cookery)to brush something with
    spennellare qualcosa con (water, milk, egg, oil)

intransitive verb

  • to brush against
    sfiorare (person, part of body, object)
    to brush past somebody
    passare vicino a qualcuno sfiorandolo
    he brushed past me into, out of the room
    mi ha sfiorato entrando nella, uscendo dalla stanza

Phrasal verbs

brush aside:

brush aside [something, somebody], brush [somebody, something] aside 1.1 (dismiss)
scacciare, respingere (idea, thought, feeling)
lasciar cadere (argument)
ignorare (criticism, person)
1.2 (move away)
scostare (cobweb, branch, curtain)
1.3 (beat)
spazzare via (team, opponent, defences)

brush away:

brush away [something], brush [something] away
asciugarsi (tear)
scostare (hand)

brush back:

brush back [something], brush [something] back
spazzolare all'indietro (hair)

brush down:

brush down [something], brush [something] down
spazzolare (coat, skirt, suit, horse)

brush off:

brush off [something, somebody], brush [something, somebody] off
respingere (offer, allegation, challenge)
ridimensionare (threat, incident, disagreement)

brush up (on):

brush up (on) [something], brush [something] up
rinfrescare (language, skill, subject)
I must brush up on it, brush it up
Definition of brush in:
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There are 2 entries that translate brush into Italian:

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brush 2

British English: /brʌʃ/
American English: /brəʃ/
Definition of brush in:
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