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British English: /bʌɪ/
American English: /baɪ/

Translation of by in Italian:


  • 1 (showing agent, result) he was bitten by a snake
    è stato morso da un serpente
    the house was designed by an architect a building destroyed by fire
    un edificio distrutto dal fuoco
    we were overwhelmed by the news any money paid by you will be reimbursed
    vi sarà rimborsata l'intera somma da voi pagata
  • 2 (through the means of) to travel by bus, train
    viaggiare in autobus, in treno
    by bicycle to pay by cheque
    pagare con assegno
    you can reach me by phone
    può contattarmi per o tramite telefono
    by working extra hours, he was able to earn more money
    facendo dello straordinario, riuscì a guadagnare di più
    by selling some valuables, she was able to raise some money
    vendendo degli oggetti di valore, è riuscita a procurarsi un po' di denaro
    to begin by saying that …
    cominciare dicendo o col dire che …
    by candlelight
    (dine, read)
    a lume di candela
    I know her by sight
    la conosco di vista
    I took him by the hand
    l'ho preso per mano
    he grabbed me by the hair
    mi afferrò per i capelli
    she was holding it by the handle
    la teneva per il manico
    he has two children by his first wife
    ha due figli dalla prima moglie
  • 3 (according to, from evidence of) by my watch it is three o'clock
    al mio orologio sono le tre
    I could tell by the look on her face that she was angry
    si vedeva che era arrabbiata dall'espressione del suo volto
    what did you understand by her remarks?
    che cosa hai capito delle sue osservazioni?
    I knew him by his walk
    l'ho riconosciuto dalla sua andatura
    it's all right by me
    per me va bene
  • 4 (via, passing through) we entered by the back door
    siamo entrati dalla porta di servizio
    we'll get there quicker if we go by Birmingham
    ci arriveremo più velocemente se passeremo da Birmingham
    we travelled to Rome by Venice and Florence
    siamo andati a Roma via Venezia e Firenze
  • 7 (showing authorship) a film by Stanley Kubrik
    un film di Stanley Kubrik
    a novel by Virginia Woolf
    un romanzo di Virginia Woolf
    who is it by?
  • 8 (before, not later than) it must be done by four o'clock, next Thursday
    deve essere fatto entro o per le quattro, entro o per giovedì prossimo
    by this time next week
    la prossima settimana a quest'ora o di qui a una settimana
    by the time she had got downstairs he was gone
    quando scese era già uscito
    he ought to be here by now
    ormai o a quest'ora dovrebbe essere qui
    by now it was clear that they were going to win
    era ormai chiaro che avrebbero vinto
    but by then it was too late
    ma ormai era troppo tardi
  • 9 (during)by day as well as by night
    sia di giorno che di notte
    by daylight
    di giorno o alla luce del giorno
    by moonlight
  • 11 (to the extent or degree of) prices have risen by 20%
    i prezzi sono aumentati del 20%
    he's taller than me by two centimetres
    è due centimetri più alto di me o è più alto di me di due centimetri
    by far
    è di gran lunga
    she is by far the cleverest, the youngest
    di gran lunga la più intelligente, la più giovane
    it's better by far
    è di gran lunga migliore
  • 12 (in measurements) a room 20 metres by 10 metres
    una stanza di 20 metri per 10
  • 13 (Mathematics) (in multiplication, division) 10 multiplied by 5 is 50
    10 moltiplicato per 5 fa 50
  • 14 (showing rate, quantity)
    to be paid by the hour
    essere pagato a ore
    by the dozen
    a dozzine
  • 15 (in successive degrees, units)little by little
    poco a poco
    day by day
    giorno per o dopo giorno o di giorno in giorno
    one by one
    uno a uno o uno alla volta
  • 18 (used with reflexive pronouns)he did it all by himself
    l'ha fatto tutto da solo
    she was sitting by herself
  • 20 (Nautical) (in compass directions)south by south-west


  • 1 (past)to go by the people walking by
    la gente che passa o i passanti
    he walked on by without stopping
    passò senza fermarsi
    a lot of time has gone by since then
    molto tempo è passato da allora
    as time goes by
    col (passare del) tempo
  • 3 (aside, in reserve)to put money by
    mettere da parte i soldi
  • 4 (to one's house)come by for a drink
    passa a bere qualcosa
    she called by during the week
    è passata in settimana

adjective attrib.



by and by

(in past) di lì a poco
(in future) presto o fra breve o tra poco

by the by o by the bye

incidentalmente o a proposito

but that's by the by

ma questo c'entra poco

by and large

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