There are 2 translations of call in Italian:


Pronunciation: /kɔːl/




Phrasal verbs

call back

vt & vi richiamare

call by

vi (make brief visit) passare

call for

vt (ask for) chiedere; (require) richiedere; (fetch) passare a prendere

call in

vi (make brief visit) passare
vt chiamare [patient, client]; interpellare [expert]

call off

vt richiamare [dog]; disdire [meeting]; revocare [strike]

call on

vt chiamare; (appeal to) fare un appello a; (visit) visitare

call out

vt & vi chiamare ad alta voce

call together

vt riunire

call up

vt [Mil] chiamare alle armi; [Teleph] chiamare

Definition of call in:

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There are 2 translations of call in Italian:


n abbr

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    CALL (m inv)