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British English: /ˈkari/
American English: /ˈkɛri/

Translation of carry in Italian:


transitive verb

  • 1 (person)
    (bag, shopping, news, message)
    (animal) (load) in in on su
    to carry something up, down
    portare su, giù qualcosa
    to carry something in, out
    portare dentro, fuori qualcosa
    to carry the bags over the road to carry the child across the river
    fare attraversare il fiume al bambino
    to carry cash, a gun
    portare con sé dei contanti, portare una pistola
    to carry a memory, a picture in one's mind to carry something too far [figurative]
    passare il segno o oltrepassare i limiti
    we can't afford to carry anyone [figurative]
    non possiamo permetterci di portare pesi morti
  • 2
    (vehicle, pipe, wire, vein)
    (wind, tide, current, stream)
    licensed to carry passengers
    autorizzato al trasporto di passeggeri
    to be carried on the wind to be carried along by the tide
    essere trasportato dalla marea
    the wind carried the ash towards the town
    il vento trasportò la cenere verso la città
    to carry somebody, something off o away
    portare via qualcuno, qualcosa
    to carry something, somebody back
    riportare qualcosa, qualcuno
    to carry one's audience with one
    conquistare il pubblico
    his quest carried him to India
    la sua ricerca l'ha portato in India
    her talent will carry her a long way
    il suo talento le farà fare molta strada
    to be carried along with the general enthusiasm
  • 5 (bear, support) (bridge, road) (weight, load, traffic)the field will not carry that herd, crop
    il campo non è adatto a quella mandria, quel raccolto
  • 6 (Military, Politics) (win)
    (state, region, constituency)
    (battle, match)
    fare approvare, fare passare
    (bill, amendment)
    the motion was carried by 20 votes to 13
    la mozione fu approvata per 20 voti contro 13
    to carry all before one, it (person, argument)
  • 8 (be pregnant with)
    essere incinta di
    (boy, girl, twins)
    (female animal) (young)
    she is carrying a child
    è incinta
    I am carrying his child
    porto in grembo suo figlio
  • 9 (Business) (stock, sell) (item, brand)we carry a wide range of
    abbiamo una vasta scelta di
  • 10 (hold, bear)
    (tail, head)
    he was carrying his arm awkwardly
    teneva il braccio in modo strano

intransitive verb

  • (sound, voice) to carry well
    sentirsi bene
    the noise carried (for) several kilometres
    il rumore arrivava a diversi chilometri di distanza

reflexive verb

  • to carry oneself
    like come with con


to be carried away by something

farsi trascinare da qualcosa o lasciarsi trasportare da qualcosa

to get carried away

farsi trasportare o perdere il controllo

Phrasal verbs

carry back:

1 carry back [something], carry [something] back (Economics)
riportare a esercizi precedenti
(sum, loss)
2 carry [somebody] back (in memory)
riportare alla mente
(person) to a

carry forward:

carry forward [something], carry [something] forward 1.1 (Administration)
(balance, total, sum)
1.2 (Economics)
riportare a esercizi successivi
(sum, loss)

carry off:

1 carry off [something] (win)
portarsi a casa
(prize, medal)
to carry it off [informal] (succeed)
2 carry off [somebody], carry [somebody] off (kill) (illness, disease)
portare via
(person, animal)

carry on:

1 carry on 1.1 (continue)
doing a fare
carry on!
continua! vai avanti!
to carry on down o along the road if it carries on like this
se va avanti così
to carry on as if nothing had happened to carry on with something
continuare o andare avanti con qualcosa
1.2 [informal] (behave)
that's no way to carry on
non è questo il modo di comportarsi
to carry on as if
comportarsi come se
1.3 [informal] (have affair)
avere una relazione
with con
1.4 [informal] (talk, go on)
fare storie, farla lunga
to carry on about something
fare storie per qualcosa
1.5 [informal] (whine) (child)
2 carry on [something] 2.1 (conduct)
(business, trade)
(negotiations, normal life)
2.2 (continue)
(tradition, custom)
(family firm)
(activity, discussion)

carry out:

carry out [something], carry [something] out
(plan, experiment, study, reform)
(raid, attack, operation, audit, robbery, repairs)
(orders, punishment, restoration)
portare avanti
(investigation, campaign)
(execution, killing)
(duties, function, mission)
mettere in atto

carry over:

1 carry over into (problem, attitude, rivalry)
estendersi a
(area of activity, personal life)
2 carry something over into
(private life, area of activity, adulthood)
3 carry over [something], carry [something] over 3.1a habit that is carried over from childhood an item carried over from the last meeting
un punto lasciato in sospeso nella scorsa riunione
3.2 (Economics) (on the stock exchange)
3.3 (Administration, Economics) carry-forward

carry through:

1 carry through [something], carry [something] through
(reform, policy, task)
2 carry [somebody] through (humour, courage)
(instincts) (person)

Definition of carry in:

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