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British English: /tʃeɪn(d)ʒ/
American English: /tʃeɪndʒ/

Translation of change in Italian:


  • 1 (alteration) the change in the schedule change of air, of diet
    cambiamento d'aria, di dieta
    change of direction change of plan a change for the better, worse
    un cambiamento in meglio, peggio
    a time of economic, social change
    un'epoca di cambiamenti economici, sociali
    to make a change in something
    fare un cambiamento in qualcosa
    to make a small, big change in something
    fare un piccolo, grande cambiamento in qualcosa
    to make changes in
    fare (dei) cambiamenti in (text, room, company)
    there will have to be a change in your attitude
    sarà necessario che cambiate atteggiamento
    people opposed to change
    le persone contrarie ai cambiamenti
  • 3 (fresh, different experience) the change will do you good
    il cambiamento ti farà bene
    it makes o is a change from television, from staying at home
    è qualcosa di diverso dal guardare sempre la televisione, rimanere sempre a casa
    to make a change
    per cambiare un po'
    that makes a nice o refreshing change she needs a change
    ha bisogno di cambiare
    to need a change of air [figurative] for a change (for variety, as improvement)
    per cambiare
    the train was late, for a change [ironic]
  • 4 (of clothes) a change of socks
    un paio di calze di ricambio
    a change of suit
    un abito di ricambio
    take a change of clothes
    portate dei vestiti di ricambio
  • 5 (cash) small change
    she gave me 6p change don't forget your change!
    non dimentichi il resto!
    have you got change for £10?
    hai da cambiare 10 sterline?
    have you any change for the meter?
    hai della moneta per il parchimetro?
    60p in change “no change given” (on machine)
    “non dà resto”
    keep the change!
    tenga il resto!
    “exact change please” (on bus)
    “preparare denaro contato, per favore”
    you won't get much change out of £20 [informal]
    non avanzi molto da 20 sterline
  • 6 (in bell-ringing)to ring the changes
    suonare il cambio d'ora
    introdurre dei cambiamenti
  • 7 (Economics) [archaic]
    Borsa (feminine)

transitive verb

  • 2
    (exchange for something different) cambiare (clothes, name, car)
    (in shop) cambiare (faulty item, unsuitable purchase) (for con)
    can I change it for a size 12?
    posso cambiarlo con una taglia 12?
    if it's too big, we'll change it for you
    se è troppo grande, glielo cambiamo
    to change colour he changed the colour
    ha cambiato colore
    hurry up and get changed!
    fai in fretta a cambiarti!
    to change something from X to Y
    (of numbers, letters, words) sostituire X con Y
    (of building, area etc.) trasformare X in Y
    they changed their car for a smaller one
  • 4 (exchange with somebody)
    scambiare (clothes, seats)
    she changed hats with her sister
    ha fatto cambio di cappello con sua sorella
    to change places
    cambiare di posto (with con)
    [figurative] (roles)
    I wouldn't change places with the Queen
    non vorrei essere al posto della regina
    to change ends (Sport)
  • 5 (actively switch)
    cambiare (course, side, job, direction, transport, TV channel, hands, feet, doctor, agent, supplier)
    I'm tired, I have to change hands, feet
    sono stanco, devo cambiare mano, piede
    to change hands [figurative]
    passare di mano (in mano)
    the hotel has changed hands
    l'hotel ha cambiato di proprietario
    no money changed hands she changed her bag from her left hand to her right
  • 6 (alter character) to change somebody, something into
    trasformare qualcuno, qualcosa in (frog, prince)
    sugar is changed into alcohol the accident changed him from an active young man into an invalid
    da giovane attivo qual era l'incidente lo ha trasformato in invalido

intransitive verb

  • 2 (into different clothes)
    he went upstairs to change for dinner
    salì a cambiarsi per la cena
    to change into
    infilarsi, mettersi (different garment)
    I'm going to change into my jeans
    mi metterò i jeans
    to change out of
    togliersi (garment)
  • 3 (from bus, train) you must change at Sheffield do I have to change? “change at Bologna for Bari” (over loudspeaker)
    “coincidenza a Bologna per Bari”
    we changed from a train to a bus
    dopo il treno abbiamo preso un autobus
    all change!
    termine corsa!
  • 4 (become transformed) (person, face, Europe)
    trasformarsi (from da) (into in)


you'll get no change out of him, her

non otterrai nulla da lui, lei

Phrasal verbs

change around

change round

change down

(British English) (Auto)

change over:

1 change over (swap) (drivers)
I don't like my part, let's change!
non mi piace la mia parte, facciamo uno scambio!
to change over from something to something
passare da qualcosa a qualcosa
we changed over from gas to electric heating
2 change over [something, somebody], change [something, somebody] over
invertire (sequence, roles, people)

change round

1 (British English) 2 change [something, somebody] round, change round [something, somebody]
spostare (furniture, large objects)
cambiare di posto, spostare (employees, workers, small objects, words, letters)
she's changed the pictures round
ha cambiato posto ai quadri

change up

(British English) (Auto)
passare a una marcia più alta
Definition of change in:
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