There are 2 main translations of close in Italian:

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close 1

British English: /kləʊs/
American English: /kloʊs/


  • 1 (with tight links)
    to bear a close resemblance to somebody, something
    assomigliare molto a qualcuno, qualcosa
    close links with (Politics)
    stretti legami con
    (country, group, twinned town etc.)
    to work in close collaboration with somebody
    lavorare in stretta collaborazione con qualcuno
    in close contact with
    in stretto contatto con
    (government department, friend, etc.)
  • 2 (intimate)
    (friend, adviser) to di
    they have a close friendship
    sono amici intimi
  • 3 (almost equal)
    (result, vote)
    “is it the same?” - “no but it's close”
    “è lo stesso?” - “no ma è molto simile”
    a close copy of his signature
    un'imitazione quasi perfetta della sua firma
    it's a close match (of colour, hairpiece)
    è molto simile
  • 5 (careful, rigorous)
    (scrutiny, examination, study, supervision)
    to pay close attention to something
    prestare molta attenzione a qualcosa
    to keep a close watch o eye on somebody, something
    tener d'occhio attentamente qualcuno, qualcosa
  • 8 [informal] (secretive) See examples:she's been very close about it
    è stata molto riservata


  • 1 (nearby) See examples:to live, work quite close (by) they look closer than they are
    sembrano più vicini di quanto in effetti non siano
    how close is the town?
    quanto dista la città?
    it's close, I can hear it
    è vicino, lo sento
    the closer he came
    più si avvicinava
    to bring something closer
    portare qualcosa più vicino
    to follow close behind to hold somebody close
    stringere qualcuno
    close together to come closer together
    to draw close
  • 3 (almost) See examples:that's closer (to) the truth
    questo è più vicino alla verità
    “is the answer three?” - “close!”
    “la risposta è tre?” - “ti sei avvicinato molto!”
  • 4
    also: close by
    vicino a
    (wall, bridge)
    the ambulance is close by
    l'ambulanza è vicina
  • 6
    also: close to
    vicino a
    (place, person, object)
    close to where
    vicino al posto in cui
    closer to
    più vicino a
    how close are we to…?
    a quale distanza siamo da…? quanto siamo vicini a…?
    (on point of)
    vicino a
    (hysteria, collapse)
    to be close to tears
    essere sul punto di piangere
    to be close to doing (almost at)closer to 40 than 30
    più vicino ai quaranta che ai trenta
    to come closest to
    avvicinarsi di più a
    (ideal, conception)
    to come close to doing he came close to giving up how close are you to completing…? close to the time when
    vicino al momento in cui
    it's coming close to the time when we must decide
    si sta avvicinando il momento in cui dovremmo prendere una decisione
    also: close on
    [informal] (approximately) See examples:close to o on 60 people [informal]
    circa 60 persone
    close to o on a century ago [informal]
    circa un secolo fa


  • 2 (of cathedral)
    = terreno cintato circostante una cattedrale


it was a close call o shave o thing

c'è mancato poco o un pelo

(from) close to o (from) close up

da vicino

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There are 2 main translations of close in Italian:

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close 2
British English: /kləʊz/
American English: /kloʊz/


  • 1 (end) to bring something to a close
    portare a termine qualcosa
    to draw to a close o to come to a close
    finire o terminare
    at the close of day [literary]

transitive verb

  • 1 (shut)
    (container, door, window, eyes, mouth, mind, book, file, museum, office, shop)
  • 5 (reduce) See examples:to close the gap [figurative]
    ridurre lo scarto
    between tra
    to close the gap on somebody, something
    ridurre la distanza su qualcuno, qualcosa
    to close the gaps (improve fault)
    colmare le lacune
    in in

intransitive verb

  • 1 (shut) (airport, office, polls, shop, station)
    for per
    (door, window, container, lid, eyes, mouth)
    the museum has just closed
    il museo ha appena chiuso
  • 2 (cease to operate)
    (business, factory, mine, institution)
  • 4 (Economics)
    (currency, index, shares, market) at a
    the market closed down, up
    il mercato ha chiuso al ribasso, al rialzo
    the pound closed up against the franc
    la sterlina ha chiuso in rialzo rispetto al franco
  • 5 (get smaller)
    the gap is closing between X and Y
    la distanza tra X e Y si sta riducendo
  • 6 (get closer)
    (pursuer, enemy)
    on a
  • 7 (heal)

Phrasal verbs

close around

(arms, hands) he felt her arms close tightly around him

close down:

1 close down (shop, club, institution, business) (British English) (Radio, Television)we are now closing down
i nostri programmi sono terminati
2 close down [something], close [something] down
(business, factory)

close in

(jungle, forest)
avvicinarsi sempre più
the days are closing in
i giorni cominciano ad accorciarsi
to close in on somebody, something
(pursuers, enemy)
circondare qualcuno, qualcosa
(darkness, fog)
calare su qualcuno, qualcosa

close off:

close off [something], close [something] off
(district, street, wing)

close out:

close out [something], close [something] out (American English) (Business)
(stock, part of business)

close up:

1 close up 1.1
(flower, petals, wound)
serrarsi, chiudersi
serrare i ranghi, le file
(shopkeeper, caretaker)
1.3he just closes up
si chiude nel silenzio, si rifiuta di parlare
2 close up [something], close [something] up 2.1 (shut)
(bank, office, shop)
2.2 (block)
(hole, entrance, pipe)

close with:

1 close with [somebody] 1.1 (Business)
accordarsi con, raggiungere un accordo con
(dealer, trader) for per
1.2 (Military)
2 close with [something] (Economics)
(deal, offer)

Definition of close in:

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