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British English: /kʌt/
American English: /kət/

Translation of cut in Italian:


  • 6 (trim)to give [something] a cut
    tagliare (hair, grass)
  • 13 (Sport)
    colpo (masculine) tagliato
  • 14 (Music) [informal] (track) classic cuts from the 60's
    i classici degli anni '60

transitive verb forma in -ing -tt- pass., p.pass. cut

  • 1 (slice)
    tagliare (bread, fabric, metal, paper, slice, wood)
    fare (hole, slit)
    to cut something out of
    ritagliare qualcosa da (fabric, magazine)
    to cut something in half o in two
    tagliare a metà, in due qualcosa
    to cut something into quarters, slices, pieces
    tagliare qualcosa in quarti, a fette, a pezzi
    to cut something to shreds o ribbons
    tagliare qualcosa a striscioline (fabric, document)
    my hands were cut to shreds
    avevo le mani tutte tagliuzzate
  • 3 (carve out)
    fare (notch)
    scavare (channel, tunnel)
    incidere (initials) (in in)
    to cut [something] open
    aprire (packet, sack)
    aprire (chest, stomach)
    to cut one's way through
    aprirsi un passaggio in (undergrowth)
  • 4 (wound)
    ferire (victim)
    ferire (person)
    to cut one's finger, lip
    tagliarsi il dito, il labbro
    the rocks cut their feet
    le rocce gli hanno tagliato i piedi
    the wind cut me like a knife
    il vento era pungente
  • 6 (shape, fashion)
    tagliare (gem, marble, wood, pastry, suit)
    fare (key)
    to cut something into triangles, strips
    tagliare qualcosa a triangoli, a strisce
    to cut something into the shape of a star
    ritagliare qualcosa a forma di stella
  • 7 (liberate)to cut somebody from
    liberare qualcuno da (wreckage)
    to cut somebody, something free o loose
    liberare qualcuno, qualcosa (from da)
  • 8 (edit)
    tagliare (article, film, scene)
    we cut the film to 90 minutes
    abbiamo accorciato il film a 90 minuti
    I cut the article from 3,000 to 2,000 words
    ho ridotto l'articolo da 3.000 a 2.000 parole
  • 9 (reduce)
    ridurre, tagliare (rate, expenditure)
    ridurre (cost, price, budget, inflation, list, number, staff, wages, salary, working day) (by di)
    diminuire (length, size)
    we've cut prices by 10%
    abbiamo abbassato i prezzi del 10%
    we've cut the amount of time we spend on the phone
    passiamo meno tempo al telefono
  • 10 (grow)to cut a tooth, one's teeth
    mettere un dente, i denti
  • 13 (Computing)
    tagliare (paragraph, section)
    cut and paste cut the first paragraph and paste it in at the end
    taglia il primo paragrafo e incollalo al fondo
  • 15 (dilute)
    tagliare (drink, drugs) (with con)
  • 17 [informal] (stop)cut the chatter
    basta con le chiacchiere
    cut the flattery, sarcasm!
    basta con le lusinghe, il sarcasmo!
    cut the crap! [informal]
    basta con le stronzate!
  • 18 [informal] (fail to attend)
    marinare (class, lesson)
    non andare a (meeting, conference)

intransitive verb forma in -ing -tt- pass., p.pass. cut

  • 1 this knife cuts well cardboard cuts easily
    il cartone si taglia facilmente
    cut along the dotted line
    tagliare lungo la linea tratteggiata
    will the cake cut into six?
    la torta basterà per sei?
    to cut into
    tagliare (cake, pie, fabric, paper)
    incidere (flesh, organ)
  • 2 (move, go)to cut across the park
    tagliare per il parco
    our route cuts across Belgium
    il nostro itinerario attraversa il Belgio
    the lorry cut across my path to cut down a side street to cut in front of somebody
    (in a queue) passare davanti a qualcuno
    (in a car) sorpassare qualcuno
  • 5 [figurative]to cut into (impinge on)
    incidere su (leisure time, working day)

reflexive verb forma in -ing -tt- pass., p.pass. cut

  • to cut oneself
    to cut oneself on the foot, chin
    tagliarsi il piede, il mento
    to cut oneself on broken glass
    tagliarsi con un vetro rotto
    to cut oneself a slice of meat
    tagliarsi una fetta di carne
    cut yourself some cake
    tagliati una fetta di torta

past participle


  • 1 (sliced, sawn)
    (fabric, rope, pages, timber)
    ready-cut slices
    fette già tagliate
  • 3 (injured)
    to have a cut finger, knee
    avere un taglio al dito, ginocchio
  • 5 (edited)
    (film, text)
    con tagli, tagliato


to be a cut above somebody, something

essere superiore a qualcuno, qualcosa

to cut and run


to cut both ways

(argument, measure)
essere a doppio taglio

to have one's work cut out to do

avere il proprio (bel) daffare

Phrasal verbs

cut across:

1 cut across [something] 1.1 (bisect)
attraversare (field)
1.2 (transcend)
(issue, disease)
non tenere conto di (class barriers, boundaries, distinctions)
2 cut across [somebody]

cut along

cut along home
affrettarsi verso casa

cut at:

cut at [something]
cercare di tagliare (trunk, branches, rope, stone)

cut away:

cut away [something]
tagliare via (dead wood, diseased tissue)

cut back:

1 cut back
risparmiare (on su)
2 cut back [something], cut [something] back 2.1 (reduce)
ridurre (production, spending, staffing levels) (to a)
limitare (expansion) (to a)
2.2 (prune)

cut down:

1 cut down
ridurre il consumo
“would you like a cigarette?” - “no, I'm trying to cut down”
“vuoi una sigaretta?” - “no, sto cercando di fumare di meno”
to cut down on
ridurre il consumo di (alcohol, fatty foods)
2 cut down [something], cut [something] down 2.1 (chop down)
abbattere (forest, tree)
2.2 (reduce)
ridurre (consumption, spending, number, time, scale) (from da) (to a)
2.3 (trim)
accorciare (trousers, curtains)
tagliare (article, film)
3 cut [somebody] down [literary] (disease)
stroncare (person)
to cut somebody down to size
ridimensionare qualcuno

cut in:

1 cut in 1.1 (interrupt) (in conversation) “what about me?” he cut in “may I cut in?” (on dance floor)
“mi permette?”
to cut in on somebody (in conversation)
interrompere qualcuno
1.2 (in vehicle)the taxi cut in in front of me
il taxi mi ha sorpassato tagliandomi la strada
2 cut [somebody] in
fare partecipare qualcuno a un affare
they cut me in on the deal

cut off:

1 cut off [something], cut [something] off 1.1 (remove)
tagliare (hair, piece, slice, top, corner)
levare, togliere (excess, crusts)
to cut off one's finger
mozzarsi il dito
to cut off somebody's head, fingers
mozzare la testa, le dita a qualcuno
she had all her hair cut off
si è fatta tagliare i capelli molto corti
1.2 (reduce)to cut 1% off inflation they've cut 10% off their prices
hanno ridotto i prezzi del 10%
it cut 20 minutes off the journey
ha accorciato il viaggio di 20 minuti
she cut ten seconds off the world record
1.3 (disconnect)
staccare, tagliare (power, telephone, gas, water, supply lines)
2 cut off [something] 2.1 (suspend)
sospendere (allowance, grant)
bloccare (financial aid)
2.2 (isolate)
(tide, army)
isolare (area, town)
2.3 (block)
bloccare (retreat, escape route)
3 cut [somebody] off 3.1 (Telecommunications) I was cut off 3.2 (disinherit) he cut me off without a penny 3.3 (interrupt) she cut me off in mid-phrase 4 cut [somebody] off, cut off [somebody] (isolate)
(group, person)
tagliare fuori, isolare (person)
to be cut off by the tide
essere isolati dalla marea
to feel cut off
sentirsi isolato o tagliato fuori
to cut oneself off
isolarsi o tagliarsi fuori (from da)

cut out:

1 cut out
(engine, fan)
2 cut out [something]
eliminare (alcohol, fatty food)
3 cut [something] out, cut out [something] 3.1 (snip out)
ritagliare (article, piece, shape) (from da)
3.2 (remove)
asportare (tumour) (from da)
eliminare (reference, sentence, chapter)
3.3 (block out)
ostruire (view)
eliminare (draught, noise, vibration)
3.4 [informal] (stop)cut the noise out!
smettetela di fare rumore!
cut out the laughing, fighting! cut it out!
4 cut [somebody] out 4.1 (isolate) to cut somebody out of one's will
escludere qualcuno dal proprio testamento
4.2to be cut out for teaching, nursing
essere tagliato per l'insegnamento, a fare l'infermiere
he's not cut out to be a teacher
non è tagliato per l'insegnamento

cut short:

1 cut short [something], cut [something] short
accorciare, abbreviare (holiday, visit, discussion)
to cut the conversation short
2 cut [somebody] short

cut through:

cut through [something]
(knife, scissors)
tagliare (cardboard, plastic)
togliere (grease)
sferzare (air)
fendere (water)
abbreviare (red tape)
sovrastare (noise)

cut up:

1 cut up (American English) [informal] 2 cut [something] up, cut up [something]
tritare (food, meat, onions)
sezionare (specimen)
fare a pezzi (corpse)
to cut something up into strips, pieces
tagliare qualcosa a strisce, a pezzi
3 cut [somebody] up 3.1 (wound)
accoltellare (victim)
3.2 (upset)to be very cut up
essere sconvolto about (by da)
3.3 (Auto) [informal]
Definition of cut in:
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