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die 1

British English: /dʌɪ/
American English: /daɪ/

transitive verb forma in -ing dying pass., p.pass. died

intransitive verb forma in -ing dying pass., p.pass. died

  • 2 (be killed)
    morire, perire (doing facendo)
    to die in the attempt
    morire nel tentativo
    to die in action he'd sooner o rather die than do
    preferirebbe morire piuttosto che fare
    I'd sooner die!
    preferirei morire!
    to die by one's own hand [literary]
    morire per propria mano
    to die for
    morire per (beliefs, country, person)
  • 4 [figurative] (of boredom, shame, fright)
    morire (of di)
    we nearly died!
    per poco morivamo!
    I'll die if I have to go there!
    preferirei morire piuttosto che andarci
    I wanted to die o I could have died when
    volevo morire, avrei voluto morire quando
    I thought I'd, he'd die of shock I nearly o could have died laughing
    per poco non morivo dal ridere
  • 5 [informal] (long)to be dying to do
    morire dalla voglia di fare
    to be dying for
    morire dalla voglia di (coffee, break, change)
    morire dietro a (person)
    to be dying for somebody, something to do
    desiderare ardentemente che qualcuno, qualcosa faccia
    to die for [informal] (very nice, good)
    da perderci la testa, bello da morire
  • 6 (go out)
    (light, flame, spark)
  • 7 (fade)
    (love, hatred, resentment)
    spegnersi, cessare
    (memory, knowledge, glory, fame)
    smorzarsi, raffreddarsi
    the secret died with her
  • 8 [humorous] (cease functioning)
    (machine, engine)
    arrestarsi, fermarsi, spegnersi
    the car suddenly died on me
    la macchina mi ha piantato all'improvviso
  • 9 [informal] (on stage)
    (comedian, entertainer)
    fare fiasco


never say die!

non bisogna mai arrendersi!

to die hard

Phrasal verbs

die away

smorzarsi, svanire
(wind, rain)

die back


die down

1 (in intensity)
(emotion, row)
(scandal, rumours, opposition)
(publicity, fighting)
(tremors, storm, wind)
(pain, swelling)
when all the fuss dies down
quando tutto il putiferio sarà cessato
2 (in volume)
(noise, laughter, chatter)
(applause, cheers)
3 (Botany, Agriculture)

die off

(plant, bacteria)

die out

1 (become extinct)
(family, species, tradition, practice, language, skill)
scomparire, estinguersi
2 (ease off)
(showers, rain)
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There are 2 entries that translate die into Italian:

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die 2

British English: /dʌɪ/
American English: /daɪ/



the die is cast

to be as straight as a die

essere una persona onestissima, integerrima
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