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British English: /iːt/
American English: /it/

Translation of eat in Italian:

transitive verb pass. ate p.pass. eaten

  • 1 (consume)
    (person, animal)
    mangiare (cake, food, snack)
    consumare (meal)
    I don't eat meat
    non mangio carne
    to eat (one's) breakfast
    fare colazione
    to eat (one's) lunch
    fare pranzo o pranzare
    to eat (one's) dinner
    fare cena, cenare
    I ate lunch in town
    ho pranzato in città
    to eat something for lunch, dinner
    mangiare qualcosa per pranzo, cena
    to eat oneself sick [informal] it's not fit to eat
    (poisonous) è velenoso o non è buono da mangiare
    (inedible) non è commestibile
    it looks too good to eat
    ha un aspetto troppo bello per essere mangiato
    she looks good enough to eat!
    è così bella che me la mangerei!
    to eat one's way through a whole cake
    mangiare una torta intera
    to eat somebody, something alive
    (person, piranha, mosquitoes)
    divorare qualcuno, qualcosa
    she'll eat you alive! [informal] (seductress)
    ti mangerà vivo! ti divorerà!
    don't be afraid, I won't eat you!
    non aver paura, non ti mangio
    to eat one's words [figurative]
    rimangiarsi la propria parola

intransitive verb pass. ate p.pass. eaten

  • 1 (take food) to eat from o out of
    mangiare in (plate, bowl)
    I'll soon have him eating out of my hand [figurative]
    presto lo avrò in pugno o farò di lui quello che voglio


eat your heart out! to eat somebody out of house and home

roditi il fegato!
svuotare la dispensa a qualcuno

Phrasal verbs

eat away:

1 eat [something] away, eat away [something]
(water, wind)
erodere (cliff, stone)
(acid, rust, termites)
corrodere, attaccare
2 eat away at [something]
(acid, rust)
corrodere, attaccare
rodere, attaccare
(bills, fees)
intaccare (profits, savings)

eat in

mangiare a casa

eat into:

eat into [something] 1.1 (damage)
(acid, rust)
corrodere, fare un buco in (metal, paint)
1.2 (encroach on)the continual interruptions ate into my day
le continue interruzioni mi hanno portato via molto tempo
I don't like my duties to eat into my leisure time
non mi va che i miei doveri mi portino via del tempo libero
1.3 (use up)
(bills, fees)
intaccare (profits, savings)

eat out

mangiare fuori

eat up:

1 eat up
finire di mangiare, mangiare tutto
eat up!
mangia tutto!
2 eat [something] up, eat up [something] 2.1 (finish)
finire (meal, vegetables)
2.2 (guzzle)
divorare (miles)
consumare, bere (petrol)
2.3 (use up)
divorare, distruggere (savings)
2.4 [figurative]to be eaten up with
essere roso da (envy, worry)
essere divorato da (desire, curiosity, guilt)
Definition of eat in:
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