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British English: /ˈʌɪðə/
, /ˈiːðə/
American English: /ˈiðər/
, /ˈaɪðər/
When used as coordinating conjunctions either… or are translated by o… o , although the first o may be omitted: she must be either silly or very lazy = deve essere (o) stupida o molto pigra; you can have either tea or coffee = può prendere (o) tè o caffè; they can either phone me or send me a fax = possono (o) telefonarmi o mandarmi un fax. - When used as a conjunction in a negative sentence, either… or are translated by né… né , although the first may be omitted: you're not being either truthful or fair = non sei (né) sincero né giusto. - When used as an adverb in a negative sentence, either can be translated by neppure , nemmeno or neanche ;note that, while either is usually placed at the end of the sentence in this case, its Italian equivalent is at the beginning: I can't do it either = neanche io posso farlo. Note also that, if not + either is substituted by neither , the Italian translation does not change: I didn't go there either = neither did I go there = nemmeno io ci andai. - For examples and further uses, see the entry below.


  • 1 (one or the other) you can take either road
    puoi prendere una strada o l'altra
    either one will do
    tutti e due andranno bene
    (in the negative)I can't see either child
    non vedo né un bambino né l'altro
  • 2 (both)either one of the solutions is acceptable
    entrambe le soluzioni sono accettabili
    in either case
    in entrambi i casi
    at either side of the street
    su ciascun lato della strada
    at either side of the fire
    dai due lati del camino
    in either hand
    in ciascuna mano
    either way, you win
    in un modo o nell'altro vinci
    either way, it will be difficult
    in ogni caso sarà difficile
    I don't care either way
    in un modo o nell'altro è lo stesso
    I don't have strong views either way
    in un modo o nell'altro non ne sono pienamente convinto
    either way, you can't confirm it
    in ogni caso non puoi confermarlo


  • 1 (one or other) you can take either (of them)
    puoi prendere l'uno o l'altro
    either or both of you can do it
    potete farlo tutti e due
    “which book do you want?” - “either”
    “quale libro vuoi?” - “fa lo stesso”
    (in the negative)I don't like either (of them)
    non mi piace né l'uno né l'altro, nessuno dei due
    I don't believe either of you
    non credo né all'uno né all'altro
    without either (of them)
    senza l'uno né l'altro
    there was no sound from either of the rooms
    non proveniva nessun rumore né da una camera né dall'altra
  • 2 (both)either of the two is possible either would be difficult to repair
    entrambi sarebbero difficili da riparare
    either of us could win
    tutti e due potremmo vincere


  • I can't do it either
    neanche io posso farlo
    there's no answer to that question either
    neppure a questa domanda c'è risposta
    not only was it expensive, but it didn't work either
    non solo era caro ma nemmeno funzionava


  • 1 (as alternatives)I was expecting him either Tuesday or Wednesday
    lo aspettavo martedì o mercoledì
    you either love him or hate him either by cheating or by lying
    ingannando o mentendo
    it's either him or me available in either pink or blue
    disponibile in rosa o in blu
    I confessed, it was either that or be tortured
    ho confessato altrimenti mi avrebbero torturato
  • 2 (in the negative)I wouldn't reward either Patrick or Emily
    non ricompenserei né Patrick né Emily
    you're not being either truthful or fair
  • 3 (as an ultimatum)either you finish your work or you will be punished!
    o finisci il lavoro o sarai punito!
    put the gun down, either that or I call the police
    posa la pistola altrimenti chiamo la polizia
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