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British English: /ɪˈnʌf/
American English: /ɪˈnəf/
When enough is used as an adverb, it is most frequently translated by abbastanza: is the house big enough? = è abbastanza grande la casa? / la casa è grande abbastanza? (note that abbastanza usually comes before the adjective, though it may come after as well). When used as a determiner or a pronoun, abbastanza may either precede or follow the noun: we haven't bought enough meat = non abbiamo comprato abbastanza carne there's enough meat for two meals / six people = c'è carne abbastanza per due pasti / sei persone; have you got enough chairs? = avete abbastanza sedie? will there be enough? = ce ne sarà abbastanza? (note that if the sentence does not specify what there is enough of, the pronoun ne, meaning of it / of them, must be added before the verb in Italian).- For more examples and particular usages, see below.

Translation of enough in Italian:


  • tall, sweet enough
    abbastanza alto, dolce
    big enough for us
    abbastanza grande per noi
    big enough to hold 50 people
    abbastanza grande per contenere 50 persone
    quite big enough
    proprio grande a sufficienza (for per) (to do per fare)
    just wide enough
    proprio largo quanto basta (for per) (to do per fare)
    to eat enough
    mangiare abbastanza
    she seems happy enough
    sembra piuttosto felice
    it's a common enough complaint there was hardly enough
    ce n'era a malapena abbastanza
    you're not trying hard enough
    ci stai provando senza sforzarti abbastanza
    is he old enough to vote? curiously enough, I like her
    per quanto possa sembrare strano, mi piace
    he's enough of a fool o he's fool enough to believe it
    è abbastanza stupido da crederlo
    she's a nice enough woman
    è una donna piuttosto carina
    she said she would do it and sure enough she did
    disse che l'avrebbe fatto e così è stato


  • enough money, seats
    abbastanza soldi, sedie
    he has enough money to buy a car
    ha abbastanza soldi per poter acquistare un'automobile


  • will that be enough (money)?
    there's more than enough for everybody is there enough?
    ce n'è abbastanza?
    have you had enough to eat?
    avete mangiato a sufficienza?
    I've had enough of him, of his rudeness
    ne ho abbastanza di lui, della sua maleducazione
    I've had enough of working for one day
    ho lavorato abbastanza per oggi
    I've got enough to worry about I think you have said enough once was enough for me!
    una volta mi è bastata!
    that's enough (from you)!
    it's enough to put you off
    c'è di che essere disgustati
    enough said!
    ho capito!
    enough's enough


enough is as good as a feast

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