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force 1

British English: /fɔːs/
American English: /fɔrs/


  • 6 (police)
    also: Force
    the force
    la polizia
  • 9
    also: in force
    (in large numbers, strength) in forze
    (effective) (law, act, prices, ban, curfew)
    in vigore
    to come into force

also: forces plural noun armed forces

  • the forces
    le forze armate

transitive verb

  • 1 (compel, oblige) to force somebody, something to do
    costringere qualcuno, qualcosa a fare
    to be forced to do
    essere costretto a fare
    he forced his voice to remain calm
    si sforzò di mantenere un tono di voce calmo
    to force a smile, a laugh the earthquake forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents
    il terremoto costrinse centinaia di residenti a evacuare
    protesters have forced a public inquiry
    i dimostranti hanno fatto in modo che si conducesse un'inchiesta pubblica
  • 2 (push, thrust)to force one's way through [something]
    farsi largo fra (crowd)
    aprirsi un varco in (jungle)
    to force somebody to the ground, up against something
    spingere qualcuno a terra, contro qualcosa
    she forced him to his knees
    lo costrinse a inginocchiarsi
    the car forced the motorbike off the road, into the ditch
    la macchina mandò la moto fuori strada, nel fosso
    bad weather forced him off the road for a week
    il cattivo tempo gli impedì di rimettersi in marcia per una settimana
    she forced her way to the top through sheer perseverance
    si è fatta strada o è arrivata in alto solo grazie alla sua grande costanza
  • 3 (apply great pressure to)
    forzare (door, window, lock, safe, engine)
    sforzare (bolt, screw)
    to force an entry (Law)
    entrare con la forza
    to force the pace
    forzare il passo o l'andatura

reflexive verb

  • 1 (push oneself)to force oneself
    sforzarsi (to do di fare)
  • 2 (impose oneself)to force oneself on somebody
    imporre la propria presenza a qualcuno
    I wouldn't want to force myself on you
    non vorrei importi la mia presenza


to force somebody's hand

forzare la mano a qualcuno

Phrasal verbs

force back:

force [something] back, force back [something] 1.1
respingere (crowd, army)
she forced him back against the wall
lo spinse contro il muro
1.2 [figurative]
contenere, trattenere (emotion, anger)

force down:

force [something] down, force down [something] 1.1 (cause to land)
costringere all'atterraggio (aircraft)
1.2 (eat reluctantly) to force something down somebody
costringere qualcuno a mangiare qualcosa
don't force your ideas down my throat! [informal]
non puoi costringermi ad accettare le tue idee!
1.3 (Economics) (reduce)
fare calare, ridurre (prices, wages, currency value, demand, profits, inflation)
to force down unemployment
1.4 (squash down)
schiacciare, pigiare (contents, objects)

force in:

force [something] in, force in [something]
(into larger space) fare entrare (con la forza)
(into small opening) inserire, fare passare (a forza)

force into:

force [somebody, something] into something, doing 1.1 (compel) to be forced into doing
essere costretto a fare
I was forced into it
fui costretto a farlo
1.2 (push, thrust)she forced him into the car
lo obbligò a salire in macchina
he forced his clothes into a suitcase
fece entrare i suoi vestiti in una valigia
he forced his way into the house
entrò con la forza nella casa

force on:

force [something] on somebody
imporre a qualcuno
the decision was forced on him team X forced a draw on team Y
la squadra X costrinse la squadra Y a un pareggio

force open:

force [something] open, force open [something]
forzare (door, window, box, safe)
she forced the patient's mouth open
spalancò la bocca del paziente
he forced his eyes open

force out:

force [something] out, force out [something] (by physical means)
costringere a uscire (invader, enemy, object)
the government was forced out in the elections
in seguito alle elezioni il governo fu costretto a dimettersi
she forced out a few words to force one's way out (of something) to force [something] out of somebody
strappare a qualcuno (information, apology, smile)
estorcere a qualcuno, strappare a qualcuno (confession)
the injury forced him out of the game

force through:

force [something] through, force through [something]
fare pressione per fare approvare (legislation, measures)

force up:

force [something] up, force up [something]
(inflation, crisis, situation)
fare salire, fare crescere (prices, costs, demand, unemployment)
(government, company, minister)
fare aumentare (prices, output, wages, exchange rate)
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There are 2 entries that translate force into Italian:

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force 2

British English: /fɔːs/
American English: /fɔrs/


(British English)
Definition of force in:
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