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British English: /ɡɪv/
American English: /ɡɪv/

Translation of give in Italian:

transitive verb pass. gave p.pass. given

  • 1 (hand over)
    (person) (object, money, medal, prize, punishment, hand, arm) to a
    (present, drink, sandwich) to a
    to give somebody something
    dare qualcosa a qualcuno
    (politely, as gift)
    offrire qualcosa a qualcuno
    give it (to) me!, give me it! give him a drink
    offrigli una bibita o da bere
    to give somebody something for
    dare qualcosa a qualcuno per
    (birthday, Christmas)
    how much o what will you give me for it? I'll give you 50 cents for it
    ti darò 50 centesimi (per questo)
    I'd give anything for, to do
    darei qualsiasi cosa per, per fare
    what wouldn't I give for…!
    che cosa non darei per…!
    to give somebody something as
    dare qualcosa a qualcuno come
    (present, token, symbol)
    to give somebody something to carry, look after
    dare a qualcuno qualcosa da portare, cui badare
  • 2 (cause to have) See examples:to give somebody [something], to give [something] to somebody
    fare venire a qualcuno
    (headache, indigestion, vertigo, nightmares)
    dare a qualcuno
    (disease, infection, virus)
    he's given me his cough
    mi ha attaccato la tosse
    to give somebody pleasure
    dare o fare piacere a qualcuno
  • 3 (provide, produce)
    (milk, flavour, light, result, answer, sum)
    (heat, vitamin, nutrient)
    blue and yellow give (you) green
    il blu e il giallo danno il verde
    the number was given to three decimal places, in metric units
    il numero fu dato fino al terzo decimale, in unità metrico-decimali
  • 4 (allow, accord)
    (custody) (grant, bursary)
    (hotelier) (room)
    to give somebody something
    (time, time period) to do per fare
    give me a minute to give somebody enough room
    dare o lasciare a qualcuno spazio sufficiente
    I'll give him another hour, then I'm calling the police
    gli do o gli concedo ancora un'ora, poi chiamo la polizia
    she gave him a week to decide
    gli diede una settimana per decidere
    he was given six months to live
    gli diedero sei mesi di vita
    how long do you give the new boss, their marriage?
    quanto tempo dai al nuovo capo, al loro matrimonio?
    it is not given to all of us to do [formal]
    non è dato a tutti di fare
    she can sing, I'll give her that
    sa cantare, devo riconoscerglielo
    it's original, I'll give you that
    è originale, te lo concedo
    she could give her opponent five years
    potrebbe concedere al suo avversario al massimo cinque anni
    the polls give Labour a lead
  • 5 (Medicine)to give somebody something o to give something to somebody
    dare qualcosa a qualcuno
    (treatment, medicine)
    trapiantare qualcosa a qualcuno
    mettere qualcosa a qualcuno
    (artificial limb, pacemaker)
    fare qualcosa a qualcuno
    (facelift, injection, massage)
    can you give me something for the pain?
    mi può dare qualcosa per il dolore?
  • 6 (communicate)
    (advice, information, appointment)
    I was given to understand o believe that …
    mi fu dato a intendere, fatto credere che …
  • 7 (Telecommunications)to give somebody something
    passare a qualcuno
    (extension, number, department)
    give me the sales manager, please
    mi passi il direttore commerciale, per favore
  • 8 (give birth to) See examples:she gave him two daughters
    gli diede due figlie

intransitive verb pass. gave p.pass. given

  • 1 (contribute) to give to something (habitually)
    fare delle offerte, delle donazioni a qualcosa
    she never gives to charity
    non dà mai niente in beneficenza
    “please give generously”
    “donate con generosità”
  • 2 (bend, flex)
    (mattress, sofa) under sotto
    (shelf, bridge, floorboard) under sotto
    under sotto
    (leather, fabric)
  • 4 (concede, yield)
    (person, side)
    something has to give
    qualcosa si deve pur concedere

reflexive verb pass. gave p.pass. given

  • to give oneself to (devote oneself)
    dedicarsi a
    (cause, good works)
    [euphemistic] (sexually)
    darsi a



don't give me that!

non cercare di darmela a bere!

give or take an inch (or two)

centimetro più, centimetro meno

give me a nice cup of tea any day o every time!

non c'è niente come una bella tazza di tè!

if this is the big city, give me a village every time

se questa è la grande città, preferisco mille volte i paesini

“I give you the bride and groom!”

(formula che si usa al termine di un discorso per brindare agli sposi)

I'll give you something to cry about!

te la do io una ragione per piangere!

I'll give you something to complain about!

te la do io una ragione per lamentarti!

more money? I'll give you more money! to give and take

altri soldi? te li do io, i soldi!

to give as good as one gets

to give it all one's got


to give somebody what for

dare a qualcuno una lavata di capo

what gives?


Phrasal verbs

give away:

1 give away [something], give [something] away 1.1 (as gift, offer, charity)
dare via, regalare
(item, sample, ticket) to a
(samples, tickets)
we're practically giving them away!
li stiamo praticamente regalando!
they're not exactly giving it away [ironic]
non lo regalano certo
we've got 100 copies to give away!
abbiamo 100 copie da regalare!
1.2 (reveal)
(secret) to a
(answer, story, ending) to a
the flavour gives it away
l'aroma lo rivela
1.3 (waste, lose carelessly)
(match, goal, advantage) to a
2 give [somebody] away, give away [somebody] 2.1 (betray)
(expression, fingerprints)
(person) (person) to a
to give oneself away
by doing facendo
2.2 (in marriage)
portare all'altare

give back:

give [something] back, give back [something] 1.1 (restore, return)
dare indietro, restituire
(appetite, sight)
(freedom) to a
give it back! …or we'll give you your money back
…o sarete rimborsati
1.2 (repay) (society) 1.3 (reflect)
(echo, sound)

give forth

[literary] give forth [something]
(sound) [humorous]

give in:

1 give in 1.1 (to temptation, threat, person)
to a
1.2 (stop trying) I give in - tell me!
cedo - dimmelo!
2 give in [something], give [something] in
(homework, essay, key)
(ticket, petition)

give off:

give off [something]
(signal, radiation, light, fumes)
(scent, heat)
he was giving off hostile signals
dava segni di ostilità

give onto:

give onto [something]
(street, yard etc.)

give out:

1 give out
(strength, battery, ink, fuel, supplies)
(engine, machine)
guastarsi, andare in panne
2 give out [something], give [something] out 2.1 (distribute)
(books, leaflets, gifts) to a
2.2 (emit) give off: 2.3 (announce)
(information, details)

give over:

1 give over [informal] give over! to give over doing [informal] 2 give over [something], give [something] over 2.1
(place, room) to a, per
(time, life) to a
the rest of the day was given over to
il resto della giornata fu dedicato a
2.3 (hand over)
affidare qualcosa a
3 give oneself over to 3.1 (devote oneself)
dedicarsi a
(good works, writing)
3.2 (let oneself go)
abbandonarsi a
(despair, joy)
3.3 (hand oneself to)
consegnarsi a

give up:

1 give up do you give up?
ti arrendi?
I give up! (exasperated)
mi arrendo! ci rinuncio!
don't give up!
non arrenderti!
to give up on
lasciar perdere
(diet, crossword)
considerare irrecuperabile
dare per spacciato
(friend, partner, associate)
I've given up on him
2 give up [something], give [something] up 2.1 (renounce or sacrifice)
(vice, habit)
(social life, throne, title, claim)
(free time, Saturdays etc.)
(job, work)
to give up smoking, drinking to give everything up for somebody
lasciare tutto per qualcuno
to give up one's free time for something
sacrificare il proprio tempo libero per qualcosa
2.2 (abandon, drop)
(search, hope, struggle, school subject)
(idea, thought)
to give up trying, writing
smettere di cercare, di scrivere
2.3 (surrender)
(seat, place, territory)
(passport, key)
(secret, treasure)
3 give up [somebody], give [somebody] up 3.1 (hand over) to give oneself up
arrendersi o consegnarsi
to a
3.2 (British English) (stop expecting to arrive)
rinunciare ad aspettare qualcuno
I'd given you up!
3.3 (stop expecting to recover)
dare qualcuno per spacciato
3.4 (discontinue relations with)
lasciar perdere, abbandonare

give way:

give way 1.1 (collapse)
(bridge, table, chair) under sotto
(wall, fence, ceiling) under sotto
(fence, cable, rope) under sotto
his legs gave way under the weight, when he heard the news
quando udì la notizia gli cedettero le gambe
1.2 (British English) (when driving) 1.3 (concede, yield) to give way to (yield to)
cedere a
(pressure, demands, person, fear, temptation, urge)
abbandonarsi a
(despair, base instincts)
(be replaced by)
lasciare il posto a
(sunshine, relief, new methods)

Definition of give in:

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