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British English: /hɪt/
American English: /hɪt/

Translation of hit in Italian:


  • 1 (blow, stroke in sport, fencing) to give the ball a tremendous hit
    colpire la palla molto forte
  • 2 (success)
    (play, film, record etc.) successo (masculine)
    to be a big o smash hit (show, film)
    avere un successo enorme
    to be a hit with the public to make a hit with somebody
    fare colpo su qualcuno o fare una buona impressione a qualcuno
    she's a big hit with my son
    mio figlio impazzisce per lei
    before n (song, play, musical, record)
    di successo

transitive verb forma in -ing -tt- pass., p.pass. hit

  • 2 (strike as target)
    (bullet, assassin, torpedo)
    colpire (victim, target, ship, enemy)
  • 4 (affect adversely)
    colpire (group, incomes, industry)
    to be hit by strikes, bad weather
    essere colpito dagli scioperi, dal brutto tempo
    hardest o worst hit will be small businesses his father's death hit him badly
    la morte di suo padre lo afflisse molto
  • 5 (become apparent to)it suddenly hit me that …
    improvvisamente mi sono reso conto che …
    then it hit me!
    improvvisamente ho capito!
  • 7 (come upon)
    trovare (traffic, bad weather)
    imbattersi in (problem)
    you'll hit the worst of the rush hour
    capiterai proprio nell'ora di punta
  • 8 [informal] (go to)to hit the town
    andare a divertirsi
    let's hit the pub, club
    andiamo al pub, al club
  • 9 [informal] (attack)
    rapinare (bank etc.)
  • 11 [informal] (scrounge)to hit somebody for something
    scroccare qualcosa a qualcuno
  • 12 [informal] (in cards)“hit me!”
    “dammi una carta!”


to hit somebody in the eye

saltare agli occhi di qualcuno

a colour which hits you between the eyes

un colore che salta all'occhio

to hit the big time


to hit the ceiling o roof

andare su tutte le furie

to hit the jackpot

fare una grossa vincita

to hit it off with somebody

andare d'accordo con qualcuno

not to know what has hit one

rimanere frastornato

a beer would just hit the spot!

una birra è proprio quello che ci vuole!

Phrasal verbs

hit back:

1 hit back 2 hit [somebody] back
contrattaccare qualcuno
well, if he hits you, hit him back!
3 hit [something] back
ribattere (ball)

hit out:

hit out
attaccare violentemente
[figurative]to hit out at
sparare a zero contro (neglect, complacency)

hit upon

hit on:

1 hit (up)on [something]
avere (idea)
trovare, escogitare (evidence, solution)
trovare (present)
imbattersi in (problem)
you've hit on a bad time
2 hit on [somebody] (American English) [informal]
Definition of hit in:
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