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hold 1

British English: /həʊld/
American English: /hoʊld/

transitive verb pass. held p.pass. held holden [archaic]

  • 1 (clasp)
    tenere (object, hand, person) above (over sopra) (against contro)
    to hold something in one's hand
    tenere [qualcosa] in mano (brush, pencil, stick)
    (enclosed) stringere [qualcosa] in mano (button, coin, sweet)
    to hold something, somebody by
    tenere qualcosa, qualcuno per (handle, stem, sleeve, leg)
    to hold one's stomach, head (in pain)
    tenersi la pancia, la testa (per il dolore)
    to hold somebody (in one's arms)
    tenere qualcuno tra le braccia
    to hold each other
    can you hold my bag for me?
  • 2 (maintain)to hold one's head upright, still
    tenere la testa diritta, immobile
    to hold one's hands still
    tenere le mani immobili
    to hold a pose, smile
    stare in posa, continuare a sorridere
    to hold something in place o position
    tenere qualcosa a posto
    to hold one's speed
    mantenere la stessa velocità
  • 4 (have capacity for)
    (box, case, tank)
    (potere) contenere (objects, amount)
    (theatre, room)
    avere una capacità di, (potere) contenere (350 people)
    the bus holds ten (people)
    il pulmino può trasportare 10 persone
    to (be able to) hold one's drink o liquor
  • 5 (contain)
    (drawer, cupboard, box, case)
    contenere (objects, possessions)
  • 7 (restrain)
    (dam, wall)
    trattenere (water, flood waters)
    tenere (dog)
    trattenere (thief)
    there is o there'll be no holding him [figurative]
    non lo tiene nessuno
  • 8 (keep against will)
    trattenere (person)
    tenere (in ostaggio) (person)
    to hold somebody prisoner, hostage
    tenere qualcuno prigioniero, in ostaggio
  • 10 (keep back)
    tenere (place, seat, ticket)
    fare aspettare (train, flight)
    tenere in sospeso (order)
    hold it! [informal]
    un momento! aspetta un attimo!
    hold everything!
    fermate tutto!
    two burgers, but hold the mustard!
    due hamburger, senza mostarda!
  • 11 (believe)
    avere (opinion, belief)
    to hold somebody, something to be
    ritenere che qualcuno, qualcosa sia
    to hold that …
    pensare che …
    dire che …
    sostenere che …
    to hold somebody liable o responsible
    ritenere qualcuno responsabile
  • 13 (captivate)
    tenere desta l'attenzione di (person, audience, class)
    attirare (attention, interest)
  • 14 (Telecommunications)to hold the line
    attendere o restare in linea
    can you hold the line please
    attenda in linea per favore
  • 15 (Music)
    tenere (note) (for per)

intransitive verb pass. held p.pass. held holden [archaic]

  • 4 (remain steady)hold still!
    stai fermo!

reflexive verb pass. held p.pass. held holden [archaic]

  • to hold oneself upright, well
    tenersi diritto, bene su


  • 2 (possession)to get hold of
    procurarsi (book, ticket, document, information)
    venire a conoscenza di, venire a sapere (story)
    scoprire (details, information)
  • 5 (Sport) (in wrestling) to have somebody in a hold
    eseguire una presa su qualcuno
  • 7
    also: on hold
    (Telecommunications) to put somebody on hold (Telecommunications)
    mettere qualcuno in attesa
    to put a call on hold (Telecommunications)
    mettere una chiamata in attesa
    to put one's plan, a project on hold
    rimandare o sospendere momentaneamente un progetto

Phrasal verbs

hold against:

to hold something against somebody
rinfacciare qualcosa a qualcuno
to hold it against somebody that …
rinfacciare a qualcuno che …
I don't hold it against him, them
non gliene faccio una colpa
your age could be held against you

hold back:

1 hold back
to hold back from doing
trattenersi dal fare
2 hold [somebody, something] back, hold back [somebody, something] 2.1 (restrain)
trattenere (water, tide, crowd, animals, tears)
legare (hair)
soffocare (feelings)
contenere (anger)
to hold back one's laughter
trattenere una risata
2.2 (prevent progress of) (person)
tenere indietro, trattenere (person, group)
(background, poor education)
impedire il miglioramento di (person)
ritardare (production, progress, development)
(person, company)
differire (payment)
2.3 (withhold)
(person, government, organization)
nascondere (information, result)
(to protect privacy) non rendere pubblico, non rivelare (name, information, identity)

hold down:

hold [somebody, something] down, hold down [somebody, something] 1.1 (prevent from moving)
tenere fermo (tent, carpet, piece of paper)
trattenere (person)
1.2 (press down)
premere (pedal, key)
1.3 (keep at certain level)
contenere (number, costs, expenditure, wages, taxes)
contenere, frenare (rate, inflation, prices)
1.4 (keep)
(not lose) (riuscire a) tenersi (job)
(have) avere (job)

hold forth

fare uno sproloquio (about, on su)

hold in:

hold [something] in, hold in [something] 1.1 (restrain)
trattenere (feeling, anger, disappointment)
1.2 (pull in)
tenere in dentro (stomach)

hold off:

1 hold off I hope the rain holds off the rain held off until after the match
non ha piovuto fino alla fine della partita
to hold off buying, making a decision
rinviare l'acquisto, la decisione
he held off leaving until the weekend
2 hold [somebody] off, hold off [somebody]
tenere a distanza, lontano, alla larga (enemy, creditor, journalists)
fare attendere (client)
3 hold [something] off
respingere (attack)

hold on to:

hold on to [somebody, something] 1.1
(grip) tenersi stretto, aggrapparsi a (branch, railing, rope, person)
(to prevent from falling) tenere stretto (person, object, purse, dog)
1.2 (retain)
avere in mano, conservare (power, lead)
tenere, conservare (title, shares, car)
to hold on to one's dreams [figurative]
non rinunciare ai propri sogni
to hold on to one's o the belief that …
continuare a credere che …
1.3 (look after)
conservare (object) (for per)

hold on:

1 hold on 1.1 (wait) (Telecommunications) “hold on, I'll just get him” (on telephone)
“attenda in linea, glielo passo subito”
1.2 (grip) “hold on (tight)!”
“tieniti (bene)!”
1.3 (endure)
(person, company)
resistere, tenere duro
2 hold [something] on
to be held on with something
(door, handle, wheel)
essere tenuto da qualcosa

hold out:

1 hold out 1.1 (endure) to hold out against
tenere duro di fronte a (enemy, threat)
resistere a (changes)
1.2 (remain available)
(supplies, food, stocks)
durare, bastare
2 hold [something] out, hold out [something]
porgere (glass, money, ticket) (to a)
to hold out one's hand, leg
3 hold out [something]
nutrire (hope)
I don't hold out much hope
non nutro molte speranze
they don't hold out much hope of finding him to hold out for
insistere per ottenere (pay rise, increase)
to hold out on somebody [informal]
nascondere delle cose a qualcuno
they know something, but they're holding out on us
sanno qualcosa, ma ce lo stanno nascondendo

hold over:

hold [something] over, hold over [something] 1.1 (postpone)
rinviare (question, programme)
1.2 (continue to show)
tenere in cartellone (film, show)
prolungare (exhibition)

hold to:

1 hold to [something]
rimanere fedele a (belief, opinion, decision)
2 hold somebody to [something]
fare mantenere a qualcuno (promise)
vincolare qualcuno a (contract, offer)
I'll hold you to that!
me lo ricorderò!

hold together:

1 hold together 1.1 (not break)
(car, shoes, chair)
stare assieme
1.2 (remain united)
(family, party, alliance)
restare unito
2 hold [something] together 2.1 (keep intact)
fare durare (car, machine, chair)
tenere insieme (papers, pieces)
to be held together with something
essere tenuto insieme da qualcosa
2.2 (unite)
tenere unito (company, party, government)
my mother held the family together
mia madre ha tenuto unita la famiglia

hold up:

1 hold up 1.1 (remain intact) to hold up well
tenere bene
1.2 (remain valid)
(theory, argument)
reggere, stare in piedi
2 hold [somebody, something] up, hold up [somebody, something] 2.1 (support)
sostenere, sorreggere (shelf, picture)
reggere (trousers, stockings)
to be held up by o with something
essere retto da qualcosa
2.2 (raise) to hold one's hand up 2.3 (display)to hold somebody, something up as an example o model of
portare qualcuno, qualcosa come un esempio di
to hold somebody up to ridicule
ridicolizzare qualcuno
2.4 (delay)
trattenere (person)
bloccare (flight, procession)
rallentare (production)
ostacolare (traffic)
2.5 (rob)
rapinare (train, bank, person)

hold with:

not to hold with
non approvare (idea, system)
essere contro (television, imitations etc.)
he doesn't hold with teaching children French
non approva che si insegni il francese ai bambini
Definition of hold in:
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There are 2 entries that translate hold into Italian:

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hold 2

British English: /həʊld/
American English: /hoʊld/


Definition of hold in:
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