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British English: /ˈɪntʊ/
, /ˈɪntə/
American English: /ˈɪn(t)u/
, /ˈɪn(t)ə/
Into is used after certain nouns and verbs in English ( change into, stray into etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate noun or verb entry ( change, stray etc.). - Into is also used in the structure verb + somebody + into + doing something ( to bully somebody into doing something, to fool somebody into doing something). For translations of these structures see the appropriate verb entry ( bully1, fool1 etc.). - For translations of expressions like get into trouble, go into details, get into debt etc., you should consult the appropriate noun entry ( trouble, detail, debt etc.).

Translation of into in Italian:


  • 1 (indicating change of position, location) to put something into
    mettere qualcosa in (container, envelope, drainer, room)
    to come, go into
    entrare in (room, building, zone)
    to disappear into
    sparire in (forest, mist)
    pour the mixture into it
    versarci dentro il composto
    to move something into the shade
    spostare qualcosa all'ombra
    to go into town, into the office
    andare in città, in ufficio
    to get into the car, a train to get into bed to help somebody into bed
    aiutare qualcuno a mettersi a letto
  • 2 (indicating change of shape, form, value) to cut, fold something into triangles to curl up into a ball
    to break something into pieces
    fare a pezzi qualcosa
    divided into apartments
    diviso in appartamenti
    to translate something into Greek
    tradurre qualcosa in greco
    to change dollars into francs
    cambiare dollari in franchi
    to turn into
    trasformarsi in (butterfly, frog)
    to turn into a young woman to roll something into a ball
    fare una palla di qualcosa
  • 3 (indicating duration)to last, continue into the 18th century
    durare fino al, continuare nel XVIII secolo
    to go on into the afternoon
    continuare nel pomeriggio
    long o far into the night
    fino a tarda notte
  • 4 (indicating a point in a process)we were well into 1988 when…
    il 1988 era già iniziato da un pezzo quando…
    well into the second half
    ben dopo l'inizio del secondo tempo
    she was well into the fourth month of her pregnancy
    aveva già superato il quarto mese di gravidanza
    to be (well) into one's thirties
    avere trent'anni suonati
  • 5 (indicating direction) to speak into the microphone
    parlare nel microfono
    to stare into space to gaze into the distance to ride off into the sunset
    partire a cavallo verso il tramonto
  • 6 [informal] (keen on)to be into
    interessarsi di o essere (un) appassionato di (jazz, athletics, architecture etc.)
    she's into art in a big way o she's heavily into art
    è una vera appassionata d'arte
    to be into drugs
  • 7 (indicating impact) to run into something
    sbattere contro qualcosa
    he bumped into me to bang into somebody, something
    urtare qualcuno, (contro) qualcosa
  • 8 (Mathematics)8 into 24 goes 3 times o is 3
    l'8 nel 24 ci sta 3 volte


to be into everything

Definition of into in:
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